Crowdcube and Crunchbase Strike Exclusive Partnership

Crowdcube and Crunchbase strike exclusive partnership deal to provide greater data visibility to investors.

Greater Transparency for Investors

Crowdcube, the European marketplace for shares in private companies, and Crunchbase, the leading data platform, have announced today an exclusive partnership to power the most comprehensive and transparent platform for private company investment in Europe.

Cubex, which officially launches today, will feature rich company data provided by Crunchbase across more than 250,000 companies. Cubex will allow investors to discover, research and register interest to buy or sell shares in high growth private European businesses without waiting for the company to go public (IPO). If enough interest is registered in any given company, Crowdcube will then seek to facilitate a transaction.

Businesses Staying Private for Longer

Launched in response to the growing trend of businesses staying private for longer, Cubex aims to satisfy demand among existing shareholders, employees and founders to gain liquidity without waiting for an exit. At the same time, Crowdcube aims to offer new investors the opportunity to invest in proven, high-growth, pre-IPO businesses that they’ve long admired but previously could not access.

From today, retail investors reviewing opportunities on Cubex will be able to access a deep pool of impartial, factual data directly drawn from Crunchbase, including the companies’ funding history, investor base and leadership team. Access to such detailed, enriched information will support potential investors’ due diligence before they decide whether to buy shares in the business or not.

Superior Investment Experience

Matt Cooper, Chief Commercial Officer at Crowdcube, comments: “This exclusive partnership creates a superior investment experience for retail and professional investors alike, providing a deep source of data on all of the companies listed on Cubex – not just those that have previously raised money with us. Private markets are notoriously opaque, and potential investors, especially retail investors, deserve the widest possible access to information about the companies in which they intend to invest. Together, Crowdcube and Crunchbase are bringing a new level of data transparency to private company investing, raising the bar in terms of visibility, accessibility and ultimately doubling down our mission to democratise investment.”

This integration will power other parts of Cubex over time like enhanced company information and company updates, all steps to further improve the experience for investors.