Ctrl Alt Launches Their Latest Report: We Need To Talk About Tokenisation


The CEO of Blackrock, Larry Fink, recently said that tokenisation will be “the next generation for markets”. His speech went viral, amassing almost quarter of a million views, reinforcing the astonishing appetite for tokenisation.

Fink explained that just like ETFs were the driving force behind the last evolution in investing, tokenisation will underscore the coming one. He went on to explain:

“Think about instantaneous settlement…no middlemen, we’re going to bring down fees even more dramatically.”

The conversation on the potentials of tokenisation is moving fast. Ctrl Alt’s latest report aims to go back to basics on what tokenisation is in layman terms and explores the impact on alternative asset investing.

The report was written collaboratively by Ctrl Alt’s CEO, Matt Ong and CPO, Matt Acheson. They also speak to key figures in tokenisation and the wider financial landscape including:

  • Micah Uhrlass – Web3 NA Technology Lead at Accenture
  • Michael Juul Rugaard – CEO of The Tokenizer
  • Jasper De Maere, Research at Outlier Ventures
  • Salman Hussain, Co Founder of Zeed.

So, Why The Need To Talk About Tokenisation Now?


The report explores just this. It delves into reasons for the growing appeal and rapid adoption of tokenised assets as the result of factors that have been steadily developing over the last decade. The report identifies the following as some of key trends / reasons for growth:

  1. The Digital Future: As the world becomes increasingly digitised, the financial sector is adapting. The growth of digital currencies, the integration of blockchain technologies, and the prevalence of digital transactions have all converged to create an environment ripe for the emergence of tokenised assets.
  2. Demand for Liquidity: Traditional investments often come with liquidity challenges. Assets like real estate, green energy projects, or certain equities demand a lot of time and effort to convert to cash. Tokenisation, however, allows these assets to be divided into smaller, more liquid units, giving investors more of the flexibility they crave.
  3. Inclusivity and Accessibility: One of the most compelling aspects of tokenisation is its access potential. By breaking down expensive assets into smaller fractions, a broader range of investors can participate in opportunities previously out of their reach. This inclusivity is driving a new generation of investors towards tokenised assets.
  4. Gen Z and Millennial Engagement: The data is clear – younger investors are increasingly looking beyond  traditional stocks and bonds, seeking alternative investments instead. Younger investors are looking for a more personalised and interactive experience when it comes to investing, and they want a greater degree of control over their investment strategy.

Want to learn more? Download their full report here: https://reports.ctrl-alt.co/


About Ctrl Alt

  • Ctrl Alt was launched in 2020 by Matt Ong (formerly of Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse) to make investing in alternative assets more accessible for the individual investor. The alternative asset platform empowers fintechs and investment platforms to provide their customers with opportunities to invest in tokenised assets such as green energy, property, and more while making it easier for asset holders to fractionalise assets as a means to raise capital
  • By bringing together the needs of fintechs and investment platforms with that of asset holders, Ctrl Alt is enabling access to a previously exclusive world. It aims to bring a new arm of investing to fintech’s and investment platforms tool belt by blending industry expertise in alternative assets with financial technology
  • In a recent funding round, Ctrl Alt secured £2.2 million in investment, led by Forward Partners and Middlegame Ventures and supported by a group of notable Angel Investors and follow-on funds, including Enterprise Ireland, Algorand Ventures, 365.fintech, Syndicate Room, Marc Cohen (Unbundled VC), Omid Ashtari (ex-Google, ex-President Citymapper) and Alex Macdonald (Co-Founder of sequel Velocity Black)
  • Ctrl Alt’s team, based in London and Dundalk, Ireland. The team is composed of financial and product experts including alumni from Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Revolut.
  • As with all investing, capital is at risk