Culture Shift Increases Revenue Despite Challenging Climate

Impact software business, Culture Shift, reports a 175% 2020 ARR despite the year’s challenges.

Culture Shift Growth

Almost one million people now have access to Culture Shift’s reporting system, after the company saw its customer base grow by 31% over the last 12-months. After onboarding some of the UK’s most prominent organisations to instil positive change and take a preventative approach to tackling bullying and harassment, the business continues to go from strength-to-strength year-on-year. Now, the Manchester-based impact software business is reporting a 175% 2020 ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) increase and is projecting growth to accelerate a further 250% through the first three quarters of 2021.


Company Expansion

Furthermore, the SAAS business has more than tripled its headcount since January 2020, having hired 11 new employees across various parts of the business including in sales, customer experience, development and finance roles.

Navigating 2020 was a challenge for many organisations globally, so to experience such substantial growth during a time of crisis has been amazing. Despite many organisations having to completely shift the way they operate, we’re glad to see that maintaining a positive culture and tackling issues of problematic behaviour are continuing to take precedence,” comments Gemma McCall, CEO, Culture Shift.


Shifting Market

In recent months, Culture Shift has been focussing on expanding outside of the higher education market and into professional services.

“Although much of the UK’s workforce is working remotely, incidents of bullying, harassment and problematic behaviour continue to be an issue within places of work and study.

“By working with Culture Shift organisations can break down those barriers to reporting, ensuring they’re taking a proactive and preventative approach to problematic behaviour, and creating an environment where people feel safe, happy, supported and included.

“Creating an environment where people feel they can speak up is not only the right thing to do, but it also minimises the reputational impact on the organisation, as well as the financial repercussions of having to deal with a lawsuit,” continues Gemma.

The Future of Culture Shift

Culture Shift exists to lead positive change in organisational culture, through building products that empower them to tackle harassment and bullying. It works with over 60 of the UK’s top universities, plus a number of corporate customers.

“The fact we’ve experienced such significant success through a year during which many organisations had enough on their plate just trying to navigate operational shifts, showcases there really is an appetite for positive change – and we’re only just getting started,” concludes Gemma.