Current iPhones to Lose Value up to £280 as iPhone 14 Launches

The launch of the new iPhone 14 next month will kick-start depreciation of older iPhone models, with iPhones 12 and 13 set to depreciate by around 22% and 27%, respectively.


Depreciation of Value for iPhones

As the release date of the iPhone 14 approaches, many will upgrade their phone without hesitation. Even some may opt to trade in their current device to cover part of the cost of their new iPhone. However, timing is everything if you want to get the most money for your phones. This is because every year, iPhone prices for all existing models depreciate when the newest one is launched in September.

Mobile phone specialists Envirofone have analysed data on the current prices of the newest devices and previous depreciation of previous models to dictate this year’s price drop predictions.


iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB Will See the Highest Price Drop

The data shows that all iPhone 13 handsets will see a significant and immediate drop in value after the launch of their successor. The Pro max 128GB could see up to a whopping £168 wiped off their original price.

Data suggests that the iPhones 12 and 13 will depreciate by around 22% and 27% respectively after this period. This means if you’ve got an iPhone 13 pro-Max 128gb device around 12 months old, you could receive nearly 27% less in trade value come October. That means it will be £168 less for the iPhone 13 Pro Max and up to £133 for the 12 Pro.


iPhone 12 Could See a Drop up to £139

With the iPhone 12 being over two years old, it is unsurprisingly taking a price hit, meaning that it’s predicted to further depreciate anything from £16-£130 depending on the storage space the device holds.

Denise Timmis, Brand Manager at Envirofone, says, “August is the last month of the year to sell any Apple device for the best price possible due to the anticipated new launches in September. This is especially true if you want to earn extra cash for your upgrade. Realising how much the value of our devices drops because of new product launches further emphasises that now is the right time for selling and trading in our old devices.”

Denise continues, “Trading in or selling your phone with Envirofone is really easy. Simply visit the Sell My Phone page on our website and follow the steps to get the process started.”


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