Customer journey investment tops list of 2020 gambling industry trends

A leading audience engagement company has revealed the trends for the gambling industry moving into 2020. The key trend for the New Year will be operators investing in the customer journey and audience understanding, in order to keep players engaged for longer to boost conversion and retention. The second key trend will be investment in lower-stake game propositions from operators.

One of the world’s leading audience engagement companies, 3radical, has released a study outlining the key trends for the gambling and online gaming industry moving into 2020. Investment in the customer journey from operators to boost conversion and retention, and lower-stake game propositions are the two key trends to watch out for moving into the New Year.

The study, curated by 3radical, has taken findings and predictions from industry leaders around the world to reveal which direction the gambling and online gaming industry is set to go in 2020.

The key trends moving into the new year, as well as a short description of why each will come into fruition, are as follows:

1.       Operators investing in customer journey, and audience understanding; operators will put emphasis on understanding their players, and what will keep them engaged for longer to boost player conversion and retention. Operators will also be focused on capturing additional first party data.

2.       Investment in lower-stake game propositions; operators have begun to understand the importance of keeping gamers engaged for longer. Expect to see lower-stake game propositions come into the fore, with operators offering players a compelling reason to return on a daily basis.

3.       Operators investing in expanding into the US market; operators will begin to invest in expansion into the United States to avoid stagnation in the UK, and to capitalise on heightened demand following the legalisation of sports betting in more States.

4.       Heightened regulation of problem gamblers; due to increasing pressure from the regulator, and growing media coverage of the problem gambling epidemic here in the UK, expect operators to become tighter than ever on the issue, and find more innovative ways to monitor and communicate with problem gamblers.

5.       Taxation of players on earnings; with regulation and legislation becoming ever-more limiting, expect the gambling industry to follow other markets and tax players on earnings. This will likely become a reality later in 2020, or early in the following year. 

A breakdown of the key trends going into 2020 can be found here, in 3radical’s Gaming Industry Report:

Rachel Swann, Commercial Director of 3radical, said:

“The gambling industry is one of the most complex in the world, and operators often find themselves under immense pressure from the regulator. However, as we move into 2020 we can expect operators to begin to see the demands from the regulator and the public, in terms of legislation and problem gambling, as an opportunity that some will grab wholeheartedly.

“I think the points around investment in lower-stake game propositions, and operators investing in understanding the customer journey were both born in the same vein. It has never been more important for operators to retain players, and these investments are both focused on retention, and keeping each player on the site, safely, for longer – both go hand in hand.

“We’ll have to wait and see exactly how 2020 pans out, but it looks like it could potentially be a more hopeful year for operators, particularly those that choose to capitalise on the less regulated sports betting market in the US.”