Decidophobia: The latest fear gripping the nation…


Over half (55%) of Brits have experienced Decidophobia, the fear of making decisions; 66% of Brits who have experienced Decidophobia claim that their life has been negatively impacted as a result of being unable to make a decision. 68% admit less choice would make their day-to-day decision-making simpler. Nearly half (47%) of the nation have suffered from anxiety as a result of being faced with a decision. Nearly one fifth (17%) of Brits believe they have missed out on finding their perfect partner as a result of not making a decision

Over half of the nation (55%) have been affected by Decidophobia – the fear of making decisions, a study conducted by heycar reveals.  

The survey by heycar, a new online marketplace for used cars, highlights that over two thirds (68%) of the nation have struggled with too much choice when making big life decisions. A quarter of the nation (25%) admit that they find deciding which car to buy more difficult than deciding where to live (21%) or choosing a mortgage (19%).  

Decidophobia is also having a direct impact on our health and wellbeing, with nearly half of the nation suffering anxiety as a result of being faced with a decision (47%), whilst over a third (34%) are losing sleep over it. 

The report by heycar also found that over a quarter (26%) of Brits also experience panic and, in some cases, a loss of appetite ahead of making an everyday decision.   

As a result of this, 66% of Brits who suffer from Decidophobia said it had a large impact on their lives. Nearly a third (31%) of Brits acknowledge that they have passed on a big job opportunity, whilst almost a fifth (17%) claim they’ve missed out on their perfect partner because they can’t decide whether they’re right for them.

The top five opportunities Brits believe they have missed out on because of Decidophobia are:

  1. New job (31%)
  2. A night out (28%)
  3. A profitable financial investment (22%)
  4. A holiday with friends (18%)
  5. Finding the perfect partner (17%)

Dr Jessamy Hibberd, Chartered Clinical Psychologist comments: “Modern life means we are drowning in choice. As much as a variety of options might seem like a good thing, it often leads to feeling overwhelmed, resulting in being unable to make a decision altogether. Having fewer options can simplify the decision-making process, reducing the need to stress and panic.” 

The research coincides with heycar launching in the UK, as the brand looks to make its mark on the used car industry through innovation and fresh thinking. Owned by Volkswagen and Daimler, heycar brings a simpler solution to the UK, allowing users to search for and find their used car, complete with a finance quote, in a seamless online journey.

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Mat Moakes, CEO of heycar comments: There’s no question that in today’s world we have choice overload, and we need more simplicity. Whether making an everyday decision like what to eat for lunch, or a bigger decision like buying a car, the research shows that people are often left feeling unnecessarily stressed and unable to make a choice. 

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