Deeptech Labs Invite Start-Up Submissions for Accelerator’s Third Cohort


Deeptech Labs, the VC accelerator for post-Seed, pre-Series A deeptech companies has opened submissions for its third cohort.

Deeptech Labs is a £50 million VC fund and accelerator programme, founded in 2020 by ARM, Cambridge Innovation Capital, Martlet Capital, Ewan Kirk and the University of Cambridge, encompassing world-renowned deep tech investors and industry leaders.

Companies accepted onto the Spring 2022 cohort will go through a structured and bespoke 13 week accelerator programme. This is designed to provide an environment in which to translate deep technology into a compelling product and successful company. Facilitating connections with their powerful network of more than 50 world-leading deeptech entrepreneurs, technology experts and investors.

At the end of the programme, Deeptech labs holds a Demo Day connecting the founders with over 50 investors and VCs to showcase their companies and build their fundraising networks. Alongside the accelerator programme, Deeptech labs also invests in each of its cohort companies through its venture capital fund. The fund is committed to investing in diverse teams, with Deeptech Labs cohort founders to date being 60% Black and Multi-ethnic and 40% Female – significantly higher than the UK VC industry average (1.7% Black and Multi-ethnic and 4% female.)

While headquartered in Cambridge – recently named by the UK government as the UK’s top regional tech hub – the accelerator programme has been delivered remotely from the outset due to the pandemic, which has proved to be a successful model and has enabled Deeptech Labs to attract early-stage deeptech companies from around the UK and Europe.

Miles Kirby, CEO Deeptech Labs said, “Early-stage deep tech companies are different and typically spend longer in the R&D phase. Once the technology is proven, the challenge then is to translate their technology into a commercial and viable business and product. This means they need bespoke support, specialist advice and access to more specific capital than traditional start-ups.

Founders; ARM, University of Cambridge, Martlet, Ewan Kirk and Cambridge Innovation Capital identified the need for a VC and accelerator programme that was specifically designed for deep tech entrepreneurs. Deeptech Labs alumni are testament to our programme’s ability to catalyse deeptech success. We’re excited to open submissions for our Spring 2022 programme and to meet our next cohort of deeptech founders.”



Autumn ‘21 Alumni Companies

Condense Reality uses computer vision and machine learning to live broadcast volumetric video into games engines. This allows partners in sport and entertainment to hold live concerts and sporting events inside any game, VR or AR application

Outfield Technologies is helping fruit growers worldwide be more productive, sustainable and profitable. Their machine learning systems and off-the shelf drones to analyse fruit orchards, improving management and crop yields

RoboK is building AI-based 3D computer vision algorithms optimised for low-power computing platforms for vehicles, cameras and machines. Their vision is to accelerate the development and deployment of embedded AI-based solutions, delivering enhanced safety

Salience Labs is developing a next generation computer chip for Artificial Intelligence applications. They use photonics (light) on a chip to gain a significant boost in performance over silicon chips


Spring 21’ Alumni Companies

Autofill is building the most advanced tool for daily vehicle inspection reports, modernizing existing workflows through precise automation.

Circuit Mind is building an intelligent platform that enables engineers to design reliable, error-free, electronic circuit systems in minutes, by harnessing the power of AI, high performance computing and collaboration.

BKwai are building a platform to deliver insights to engineers in the construction industry using world-class research and applied technology to support a more resilient build environment.

Contilio are building a 3D AI analytics platform that for the first time enables the construction industry to understand, predict and deliver complex construction projects cheaper, faster, and more sustainably.

Mindtech are building a platform that allows you to create unlimited training data for AI vision systems, getting customers to market faster, at a lower cost, with a product that produces more accurate results.