You Can Now Detect AI-Generated Music With This Tool

Ircam Amplify, a global leader in audio analysis and editing technology, has launched an innovative software called the AI-Generated Detector. This tool is designed to identify AI-generated music tracks.  AI-generated music content is becoming normalised on streaming platforms, so this software is created to bring clarity to the music industry that has been struggling with regulating AI using their art.

Nathalie Birocheau, CEO of Ircam Amplify commented, “Generative AI is reshaping the creative landscape, especially in the music sector, where everyone can create music using AI tools. This is, quite rightfully, a concern for all those who are involved in the creation, distribution and revenue-sharing of music.

“Our AI-Generated Detector is a game changer. It will provide transparency where there was opacity. It will give a strategic advantage to the users of the detector and help them make informed decisions about music content. This is a much needed development for the market and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this new technological development.”


How Does The AI-Generated Detector Work?


The AI-Generated Detector employs a neural network trained on a mix of human-created and AI-generated music. This allows it to accurately identify which model has been used to generate a track. It has an amazing accuracy rate of 98.5%, and can analyse up to 5,000 tracks a minute.

Romain Simiand, Chief Product Officer at Ircam Amplify said, “Leveraging our Music Information Retrieval (MIR) and audio AI expertise, we trained a dedicated algorithm through a deep neural network on both humanly created and publicly available AI-generated music datasets. The detection training proved so specific to each model that we were able to state which one has been used to generate the tracks.”



What Other Tools Does Ircam Amplify Have?


Ircam Amplify provides a comprehensive suite of audio editing and analysis tools. These include the Music Tagger, Vocal Separator, and Loop Extractor. Their flagship product, Stereo to Spatial, is an AI tool that transforms stereo audio into spatialised tracks.

The Quality Check tool ensures that digital audio tracks meet high-resolution standards. Other tools like the Infringement Detector and Cover Detector help identify copyright infringements and review cover versions.

Not long ago, they also announced the launch of their AI Re-editor tool, which automates the process of re-editing music tracks to create shortened versions without sacrificing artistic intention. In using a multi-step process that includes acoustic analysis and section isolation, the AI Re-editor preserves the essence of the original track while achieving the target duration.

The tool’s versatility allows it to handle a variety of musical genres, making it ideal for short-form content on social media platforms like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok.

Whether content creators need to go and re-edit tracks on the fly or businesses want to generate short edits for their online stores, the AI Re-editor offers flexibility and scalability to meet diverse requirements. This tool provides users with the option to prioritise either strict target duration or fidelity reproduction, making sure that it can be customised to every project-specific needs.