Digital Marketing Trends for Casino Sites in 2020

The casino industry in the UK is worth an estimated £5 billion (source: Gambling Commission) and casino operators and affiliates are always competing for the attention of players to place bets and earn commissions. The techniques used in digital marketing are often very far ahead in terms of other industries and here are some of the key ones to look out for in 2020.

Mobile, mobile, mobile

Mobile browsing continues to be the main choice of players and gamers in the UK. Many are influenced by in-game sports betting and seeing adverts either on TV or at live sporting events.

This presents a continued challenge for digital marketers to ensure that they have mobile-ready websites that are fully tested across all browsers and networks, and that they have a supplementary app to support their customers. This comes with further costs in terms of testing, build and development but is crucial in 2020 for all market competitors.

Tablet is very popular for bingo games and pokies, especially amongst the female demographic. However, many are playing on free versions and overall, mobile continues to be the main winner.

Site speed is always key

The role of site speed is essential for any websites or online transactions. The process of being able to find your favourite game or make a bet can depend largely on how fast a site or page loads (should be less than 3 seconds) – and this should continue to be a priority for any operators to avoid drop-offs and exits.


Generally speaking, new casino sites 2020 have the latest tech making their websites load faster and the gambling experience more exciting. This includes using js compression, browsing caching and even using accelerated mobile pages, where applicable.

Long lists

Customers and users are responding well to long lists, whether it is for playing slots, scratch and arcade games or searching for casino bonuses. Top 10 lists continue to be very popular across PPC and SEO and users seem to engage well with them.

For casino affiliates, they need to consider adding and re-adding more new casino sites and games to maximise the user experience and be competitive.

Brand vs affiliate

For large casino operators, they will continue to find for brand space, whether it is through sponsoring shirts at professional sporting events, billboards, TV advertising and more.
For affiliates, generating leads can be tricky, with PPC coming at quick a cost and SEO considered to be a long process. Social media is putting more limitations on what you can advertise, especially paid.
In 2020, we can expect a wave of affiliates to disappear and new ones to appear, as typical with every year. Plus, digital marketers will continue to look for ways to gain exposure online.
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Greater regulation

Regulation continues to creep up on the casino industry in 2020 and with this in mind, more marketers are looking to push their services globally. The US is meanwhile becoming deregulated, so we are seeing more Brits offer their casino services in this area, otherwise, there are other growing markets such as Lapland, Holland and Germany and you may see more and more sites in 2020 with different versions of their site to accommodate these demographics.