Digital Signage in 2021: Is This the Right Time to Invest?

Before the internet and digital communication existed, the exchange of information was mainly manual and in handwritten form. Over the years, we have witnessed technological communication getting better and more powerful. This change is facilitated by the continued improvement of the software solutions running the different digital setups.

With advancing technology, communication through avenues such as the digital signage platforms has rapidly grown, transforming the digital advertising industry.

The global pandemic paralysed almost all the world’s major industries in 2020 and permanently drove many out of business. The virus left other business ventures with weakened structures, barely surviving. We also saw tremendous changes in how businesses conducted operations, such as working from home, turning to home delivery transactions, and introducing widespread digital sanitisers and smart entrances. This could be just the beginning of how businesses will operate into the coming future.

Today the digital industry is the fastest-growing, offering business-saving solutions, especially following the COVID-19 adverse effects in 2020. The solutions mainly presented by Look DS, a leading digital signage software provider, are driven by an increase in demand for on-premise and out-of-home communication protocols.

An upsurge of digital signage Apps is expected mostly in 2021 as businesses continue to focus on developing advanced solutions in the wake of the global pandemic. This communication platform is interactive and entertaining, letting retailers develop personalised content. The implementation of digital display innovations will solve demand, customer expectations, and rising infrastructure development challenges triggered by COVID-19.

As technology advances, we expect to see these digital signage systems grow and thrive, particularly on touch-free implementation. But, with the current global situation, are we going to witness a continuity in improvement? Is this the right to invest and implement this digital solution?

Content Automation

The need to speed up the recovery process by many organisations and business owners will require a quick way of boosting efficiency. The ability to automate content will lead many businesses to invest in digital signage scheduling software. The software is designed to let you automate when your preferred content appears on the digital display. Providers like Look DS continuously work in developing new and improving such digital solutions. In 2021, for instance, the need to maximise content output through cost-saving measures aimed at quick business turnaround makes it ideal to invest in this technology.

A Rise in Digital Catalogues

Currently, the adoption of touch-free technology is at its peak as global authorities implement safety measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Businesses and other organisations are investing in technology that reduces physical contact while sustaining operations. Take, for instance, an item sitting in a store’s display rack. There are hundreds of people touching it every day, exposing them to more risk. But a digital display with a product code can direct customers to a digital product catalogue with all the features. This approach is a safe and clean way of starting or advancing a business in 2021.


The growth and establishment of businesses and organisations are expected to increase with many adopting digital operations. Existing businesses are also switching from traditional processes to digitised communications. In a fast-paced world, one area being highly digitised is wayfinding. The constant changes in operations due to the internet make the static wayfinding displays outdated. There is going to be an increase in demand for wayfinding tools. People can now easily find their way around premises, universities, or tourist resorts and malls.

Brand Recognition

As companies and businesses seek quick recovery avenues, one key focus is enhancing brand recognition. Now that many people have switched to online platforms for interaction, it is easy to notice digital displays. Consumers are now in a better position of identifying signage displays linked to a company brand or product. The perception of the customers towards a product is improved, making it more likely to return. Easy brand recognition in today’s world is now possible through digital display implementation.

Increased Out-of-Home Recognition

Prolonged lockdown and other restrictions have made people appreciate and pay more attention to the outside world. After the containment measures’ easement due to the pandemic, many people are now noticing out-of-home advertisements more than before. For companies and other business ventures, this is the time to invest in digital displays for a quick turnaround.

A lot is expected in 2021, especially as many seek revival and improvement of their brands. One avenue going to show a significant demand is the digital advertisement industry. After the lockdown, many people got accustomed to online transactions and interactions. Businesses investing in such advertisement integrate it with online tools, and the most applicable for advanced outdoor advertising is digital signage.