Discussion Box Gross £1.2million in First Year of Trading

Black woman-owned and led, Discussion Box founded by Lisa Carter, helps global brands bring together high-level stakeholders for conversations that change history. With a bespoke technology virtual events platform and a network rich in female executives, they nurture client acquisition, engagement and trust-based connection.

Offices are in Colston Avenue, a hub for change and a site of history, where they are proud to bring colour and culture to the heart of Bristol, UK.

Based globally, clients are amongst the largest companies in the world, coming to us from Europe, APAC, and North America for dynamic and reliable pipeline generation that creates opportunities at all levels and industries. Their team spans the globe, is unapologetically women-led, and they are genuinely committed to growing a business that is culturally diverse and inclusive. Working with global technology clients such as Google, Intel and Palo Alto, Discussion Box generated £1.2million in its first year of trading in 2021.



Discussion Box is a virtual events platform which was built without investment, completely self-started and scaled its success based on hundreds of happy customers, which has allowed the company to launch a SaaS based version this summer. Both platforms have their own strong identities as well as being bold enough to hold their own with a clear indication that they are of the same family.

The SaaS platform carves out a space where brands, communities, and individuals can speak up about things they may not have the chance or feel safe to speak up about elsewhere. a place for change, for culture to be hatched and for people to feel seen and represented.

“I wanted to include people from all around the world, from different time zones, cultures, backgrounds, and put them in the same room, where they could access life-changing information they could genuinely use to nurture and expand their knowledge.” – Lisa Carter CEO & Founder of Discussion Box.

There are a few ways they have chosen to do this in the platform itself, but the one most important priority for us is to build a front-line community of change-makers who can lead those conversations.