Does My Travel Insurance Cover Me For Coronavirus?

With 80,000 cases of coronavirus and over 2,000 deaths reported so far, many Britons are starting to take caution with travelling and holidaying abroad.

Whilst most travel agents have strongly suggested steering away from trips to China and the South-East, for those travelling to Europe, there are still risks involved with a number of cases reported in Tenerife and across Italy.

If your holiday is disrupted as a result of the coronavirus, your travel insurance may be able to pay for any flights, extra hotel accommodation or loss of income. However, some travel insurers are not accepting claims and some, such as Saga, are offering up to £1,000 for any delays of 24 hours or more.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has a lot of swing in whether your travel insurance is viable due to coronavirus. Your travel disruption cover can be used if you purchased the policy before the FCO announced that you could not fly to various regions. For instance, if you have booked to China in the last week and wish to cancel, you cannot cover for this.

Holidaymakers have been advised to purchase travel insurance as soon as possible after booking a holiday. In the event that the area becomes a no-go zone according to the FCO, you will be able to claim in full before their announcement takes place.

If you catch the coronavirus whilst on holiday in Europe, you Ehic card will cover you in many countries, at least during the Brexit transition period. Your policy’s medical evacuation cover might be needed to transport you from one country to another.