Dutch Startups To Watch In 2024

As we enter 2024, the Dutch startup ecosystem continues to flourish with diverse and innovative companies.

Here’s a spotlight on 10 such startups, each from different sectors, showcasing the breadth and innovation of the Netherlands’ entrepreneurial landscape.


1. PlantLab – Revolutionising Urban Farming


PlantLab uit Den Bosch start met bedrijf in VS | Den Bosch | AD.nl


PlantLab is pioneering the future of urban agriculture with its innovative indoor farming technology. Utilising patented techniques, they grow crops in controlled environments, ensuring optimal growth conditions while significantly reducing water and land use. This approach not only increases yield but also ensures year-round availability of fresh produce, irrespective of external climatic conditions.

With a recent €50M funding boost, PlantLab is scaling its operations, aiming to make sustainably grown, fresh produce accessible in urban areas worldwide. Their technology is a beacon for environmental sustainability and food security in increasingly urbanised societies.


2. Breeze – Reinventing Dating


Breeze - Dating, for real


Breeze is challenging the norms of online dating by fostering real-life connections. Disrupting the typical ‘swipe and chat’ culture of dating apps, Breeze encourages users to meet in person, facilitating genuine human interactions.

Their unique approach involves organising offline dates, reducing screen time and fostering meaningful relationships. With €1.6M in funding, Breeze’s business model thrives on creating value for users through actual dates rather than prolonged online interactions. This innovative approach in the dating app market prioritises human experience over digital engagement, aiming to create more authentic and lasting connections.


3. Crisp – A Fresh Approach To Online Groceries


Crisp online supermarkt | Beter eten, lekker geregeld


Crisp is redefining the online grocery landscape with its focus on fresh, quality produce. Operating on an app-only model, Crisp connects consumers directly with over 650 farmers, ensuring a supply of fresh and sustainably sourced food items.

Their zero-inventory approach means products are fresher and waste is minimised. With €121M in funding, Crisp offers same-day delivery, combining convenience with quality. This model not only supports local farmers but also meets the growing consumer demand for fresh, organic, and locally sourced food, making Crisp a standout in the online supermarket domain.


4. Circularise – Supply Chain Transparency


Circularise | Digital product passport software


Circularise is setting new standards in supply chain transparency with its innovative software platform. This Dutch startup is making waves in the environmental consulting and IT sectors by enabling businesses to securely exchange data and trace the entire lifecycle of products. With €12.5M in funding, Circularise aids companies in tracing raw materials from their source through to the end product.

This level of transparency is crucial for sustainability, as it allows for more responsible sourcing and production practices. Circularise’s technology is particularly vital for industries like manufacturing and electronics, where supply chain visibility is key to reducing environmental impact.


5. Renoon – Pioneering Sustainable Fashion


Renoon is a trailblazer in sustainable fashion, offering an innovative app that evaluates the sustainability credentials of fashion brands. With $610.8K in funding, this startup empowers consumers to make environmentally conscious choices by providing comprehensive information on brands’ sustainability practices.

Renoon’s approach addresses the growing concern about the environmental impact of the fashion industry by promoting transparency and informed decision-making. By enabling users to find and shop according to their sustainability values, Renoon is not just a shopping app but a movement towards more responsible consumption in the fashion sector.



6. Shypple – Digitising Freight Forwarding


Digital Freight Forwarder Shypple Acquires Milestone to Become First Digital Forwarder Platform for Perishables - Perishable News


Shypple is revolutionising the logistics sector by bringing freight forwarding into the digital age. Their web-based platform offers real-time updates and complete transparency on shipments, simplifying global trade for businesses.

With a combined Series A investment of €25.6M, Shypple’s services include end-to-end management of cargo shipments, providing a seamless and efficient logistics experience. Their innovative approach addresses the complexities of international shipping, offering a more streamlined, transparent, and reliable process. Shypple’s digital solution is not only enhancing operational efficiency but is also pivotal in transforming traditional freight forwarding into a more agile and responsive industry.


7. Connecterra – AI-Driven Dairy Farming


Connecterra - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Connecterra is revolutionising the dairy farming industry with its AI-powered technology. By integrating artificial intelligence into farming practices, Connecterra’s system enhances the efficiency of dairy production while improving animal welfare.

With a significant €7.8M in Series B funding, their platform offers real-time insights into cow health, enabling farmers to make informed decisions that optimise milk production and ensure the wellbeing of their herds. This technology not only boosts productivity but also supports sustainable farming practices, marking a significant leap forward in the agriculture sector.


8. TestGorilla – Transforming Recruitment


FAQ and troubleshooting for candidates – English


TestGorilla is redefining the recruitment process with its innovative platform that facilitates bias-free hiring. Leveraging data-driven assessments, TestGorilla allows companies to evaluate candidates based on skills and potential rather than resumes alone.

This approach, backed by an impressive $80M in funding, streamlines the hiring process, making it more efficient and equitable. TestGorilla’s tools enable businesses to identify the best talent quickly, reducing the time and costs associated with traditional recruitment methods, and helping create more diverse and capable workforces.


9. Framer – Innovating Web Design


Framer Logo - PNG Logo Vector Downloads (SVG, EPS)


Framer is at the forefront of digital design innovation, offering a platform that allows designers to create interactive prototypes and high-quality websites rapidly. With $33M in funding, Framer’s technology simplifies the web development process, enabling designers to transform their ideas into reality with ease and precision.

The acquisition of Popmotion further enhances their capabilities, making Framer a go-to solution for professionals seeking to develop dynamic, responsive, and visually appealing web interfaces. Their tools are empowering designers and developers to push the boundaries of web design.


10. TerraPay – Simplifying Global Payments


Terrapay - Products, Competitors, Financials, Employees, Headquarters Locations


TerraPay is transforming the financial technology landscape by enabling seamless global money transfers. With $37.7M in funding, TerraPay’s mobile-first payment service allows users to send money instantly across borders to a mobile number.

Their platform stands out for its inclusivity and far-reaching network, offering real-time payments that transcend geographical boundaries. TerraPay’s solution caters to the increasing need for quick, reliable, and accessible financial transactions in a globalised world, making international money transfers more straightforward and accessible than ever before.