Elon Musk’s Latest AI Creation Grok Will Use Data from X App

Elon Musk has made headlines again with the introduction of a new conversational AI tool, Grok AI. Created by xAI, Musk’s AI division, Grok AI is poised to join the ranks of chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, stirring excitement with its distinctive features. It’s not just another chatbot; Grok AI is programmed to respond with a touch of wit, ready to handle the kind of ‘spicy’ questions that might be off-limits elsewhere.


Grok AI’s Early Steps


Currently in the beta stage, Grok AI is opening its virtual doors to a select few users in the United States. It’s based on the Grok-1 language model and integrates real-time information from X, a platform recently acquired by Musk and known to most as Twitter. This integration is set to provide users with a stream of up-to-date information, setting Grok AI apart from its counterparts.

To get full access to Grok AI, users will have to subscribe to X’s Premium+ plan, which is priced at $16 a month.

This puts Grok AI behind a paywall, ensuring that its more rebellious and entertaining features remain exclusive to subscribers.


The Humorous Side of AI


Grok AI aims to entertain with its humorous responses. Musk himself showcased its sense of humor with a sample dialogue where Grok AI humorously engages with a user asking for steps to make cocaine, eventually reminding the user not to engage in illegal activities.

Musk has been a vocal critic of the direction in which some AI developments have been heading, often denouncing them for being overly cautious or politically correct. His new venture into AI with Grok seems to be a response to this, aiming to offer an alternative that can entertain and inform without being bound by what he views as unnecessary constraints.


Exclusive Access and Future Plans


At the moment, Grok AI is only open to a select group, but there are intentions to offer it to more people once beta testing is done. No date for this wider release has been shared, but updates will come, so people should watch for the latest news.


Musk’s Commitment to AI


Elon Musk, whose endeavors span from Tesla to SpaceX, is no stranger to AI. With xAI, Musk has gathered experts from across the AI field, aiming to forge a new path in the rapidly advancing domain of artificial intelligence. His commitment to AI is evident not only in his investments but also in his active participation in discussions about the technology’s direction and its ethical use.


The Social Media Connection


With real-time access to information through the social media platform X, Grok AI stands to offer a fresh approach to conversational AI. This connection could provide users with a more informed and up-to-date chatbot than any other currently available.


The Straight-Talking AI


Grok AI’s straightforward and humorous approach is a direct reflection of Musk’s vision for a more open and less restricted form of artificial intelligence. In a post on X, Musk stated, “The threshold for what [Grok AI] will tell you, if pushed, is what is available on the Internet via reasonable browser search.”