Email Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

Email marketing is rapidly rising as a robust way for businesses to advertise, build relationships, and keep in touch with customers in the UK. According to recent data, email is one of the most effective online marketing tools for startups to build their brand. On average, the number of monthly email subscribers increased by over 40% in 2020. This shows that now more than ever, consumers are signing up for email newsletters. As a new business owner, you need to know how you can leverage email marketing to your advantage.

This way, you can build your brand, increase engagement, and multiply your sales. Read on to learn about the latest breakthroughs, updates, and emerging trends impacting email marketing in the UK.

Email Redesign

First, email redesign is growing as a vital technique to improve the aesthetic and professional appearance of your promotional communications. Notably, email design trends change from season to season. This often determines what a successful email looks like. For example, one of the hottest movements of 2021 is towards minimalism. Uncluttered, well-structured emails with one single objective are highly effective to drive your message to consumers.

By excluding irrelevant details, audiences are more likely to read your email all the way through. Additionally, bright and bold colours are another major redesign trend. When utilising this strategy, your marketing and design team can use colour blocks to grab readers’ attention. Often, this prevents you from overloading a subscriber’s attention with too much imagery.

Chatbots and Machine Learning

Next, chatbots and machine learning technology improve lead generation, customer engagement, and team productivity. For example, email chatbots can ask your subscribers what type of content they would like to receive and how often they would like to receive updates. By allowing subscribers to choose the content they want to receive, you can avoid sending them unnecessary updates. Naturally, this increases the likelihood that they stay on your subscribed list. In addition, machine learning is streamlining the email sending process. Notably, many email marketing professionals leverage predictive analytics to select the best time to send content. Plus, some platforms have automated sending features to minimise the time your team spends sending out content.

Email Signature Generator

In addition, many growing startups in the United Kingdom are also using email signature generators. Importantly, you can use signature generators to create professional sign-offs for Gmail, Apple Mail, and Yahoo. Many of these tools are also an Office 365 and Outlook signature creator. Many businesses use Wisestamp email signature generator to easily design, modify, and embed email sign-offs. Typically, this includes the person’s name, title, and company logo. You can also add a profile picture, social icons, and contact information to increase personalisation.

Of course, this also makes it easier for consumers to get in-touch with you. By implementing a unified email signature across your company, you can also solidify your brand image. Certainly, email signature creators function as a robust, social proof promotion tool to maximise brand awareness, promote traffic generation, and streamline access to contact details.

User-Generated Content

Moreover, many UK businesses are also leveraging user-generated content (UGC) to improve ROI, click rates, and conversions across email campaigns. Importantly, UGC utilises content that users provide. For example, you might include an image, video, or GIF of a user using your product. By using UGC in your digital marketing plan, you can increase the trust towards your brand. Indeed, this content shows your target audience that your brand can answer one of their needs or wants.

Naturally, consumers will be more likely to purchase your product or service. Of course, user-generated content can improve your campaign if you are lacking email copy. Undoubtedly, user-generated content is changing email marketing for business owners across the United Kingdom.

Human-Centric Lifecycle Emails

Lastly, many startups in the United Kingdom are creating human-centric lifecycle emails. Importantly, this content emphasises integrating empathy and building human connections. To build a genuine connection with your customer base, you must understand your customers’ needs. This way, you can tailor your services, deals, and products to meet their needs. For example, many department stores started offering delivery services during the pandemic.

By putting this in an email, businesses could communicate to customers that they were there to support them. Since COVID-19, empathy has become one of the most effective strategies among marketers. Therefore, create human-centric lifecycle emails to take advantage of the latest email marketing trends and breakthroughs.

Several notable trends, updates, and breakthroughs have greatly impacted email marketing for UK business owners. First, email redesign is one of the most popular trends growing throughout UK marketing teams. Next, chatbots and machine learning are improving subscriber reach.

In addition, you can use an email signature generator to unify your company’s brand. Moreover, many UK startups are also using user-generated content to boost brand trust. Furthermore, human-centric lifecycle emails are among the most effective campaign strategies during the pandemic. Implement these email marketing trends on the rise in the UK through 2021.