Enchanted Beauty Tech: Disney and Charlotte Tilbury’s Virtual Store – A Tale of Magic and Innovation

Bringing Magic to Beauty: Disney and Charlotte Tilbury’s Unique Partnership


In a world where tech is pushing forward almost every industry globally, it’s time for the beauty world to step up.

The recent collaboration between Disney and Charlotte Tilbury does just that, adding a touch of enchantment (and innovation) to the beauty sector. 

This partnership not only introduces a new limited-edition makeup collection by Charlotte Tilbury, but also uses technology to create a unique virtual shopping experience. 

Let’s take a look…


The Magical Animated Short: Charlotte Tilbury Becomes a Disney Princess


The collaboration between Disney and Charlotte Tilbury is far from ordinary.  To kick off this magical partnership, an animated short was produced by some of Disney’s top animators, featuring none other than a princess version of Charlotte Tilbury herself.

Charlotte Tilbury, who serves as the brand’s President and COO, expressed her long-standing connection to Disney, stating, “I grew up watching the fairy tales and immersing myself in the wonderlands created by Disney; I even called myself Gingerella. I have long been inspired by the magic and the sparkle of the beloved characters and stories.”

See the full video and animation story here.



A Virtual Store Like No Other: Immersion in Disney’s World of Beauty


The pinnacle of this partnership’s tech-savvy approach is the virtual store hosted on the Charlotte Tilbury website. 

This virtual shopping experience is designed to immerse beauty lovers in the world of Disney, taking them on a magical journey through a store adorned with their favourite products and Disney princesses. Not only that, but Charlotte Tilbury has designed a number of looks, all inspired by Disney’s most iconic princesses. 

Within this dreamy digital realm, users also have the unique opportunity to virtually try on makeup. Products to try on include new limited edition magic cream as well as the company’s iconic beauty light wands, also in limited edition.

This feature is arguably the most impressive feature on the platform, as it allows customers to try on different shades and products. It ensures that buyers can confidently choose the products that best suit them before purchasing. Gamechanger.

Beyond shopping, the virtual store allows visitors to explore the world with their own avatars and even win products through games. A truly immersive tech experience, the store is redefining how beauty brands are (and should) engage with their customers through tech. Sounds great, right? Why not give it a go here


Accessibility for All: Bridging Global Boundaries


One of the best aspects of this collaboration is its commitment to accessibility. The virtual store isn’t limited by geographical boundaries. It is completely accessible, making it possible for beauty lovers from all around the world to experience this enchanting collaboration. 


Magic and Technology Shape the Future of Beauty


The collaboration between Disney and Charlotte Tilbury is more than just a merger of two iconic brands; it’s a fusion of magic and innovation. 

From the creation of an animated short to the development of an immersive virtual store, this partnership shows the possibilities of how technology can redefine the beauty industry. As we look ahead, collaborations like this one are set to redefine the future of cosmetics, making dreams come true for beauty lovers worldwide.

Visit the new virtual store here.