Energy Veteran Ford Nicholson Sheds Light on Opportunity Ahead

Ford Nicholson is known for his impact and dedication to the global energy business. A dedication that began following the collapse of the Soviet Union and which spans over forty years. Having built several multi-billion dollar companies in light of global energy challenges, Nicholson is turning his attention to Europe’s energy crisis for two main reasons.

The unprecedented energy crisis has cost billions of dollars resulting in full-blown global disruption while simultaneously opening the door to a seismic opportunity.

With the latter being the only possible silver lining, Nicholson believes what’s happening in the global energy markets today is set to become one of the biggest economic windfalls in history, with Europe at the center of it.

That’s why he recently co-founded a European natural gas company called MCF Energy

A uniquely vulnerable position

Nicholson is affiliated with several renowned companies in the energy sector. His latest venture, MCF Energy, was set in motion by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine early last year – given Nicholson sees Europe’s energy crisis as an extraordinary opportunity to permanently reshape the market.

Pouncing on this belief, MCF Energy quickly pressed play on its mission to rebuild Europe’s energy landscape. 

The company’s been quick to recognize that Europe’s gas supply is in a uniquely vulnerable position, given 45% of its gas imports previously came direct from Russia.

With taps to this route turned off and set to remain this way, MCF Energy is investing in high-quality natural gas resources in the safest places in Western Europe to help resume activity. 

MCF Energy already owns a portfolio of European gas assets in Austria and Germany, with additional frontiers under evaluation. Drilling is slated to begin at the Welchau prospect in Austria during the Fall of this year, and according to the company, based on independent estimates of its size potential, it could go a long way in helping Europe wean itself off imported gas. 

“These projects have the potential to strengthen Europe’s energy security and support our transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources, said James Hill, MCF Energy’s CEO. “We remain committed to responsible exploration and development of natural gas resources while also working to minimize our environmental impact and engaging openly with local communities.”


Removing Future Dependence

To secure long-term survival, Nicholson believes the only answer to Europe’s energy crisis is to remove future dependence on outside players by developing internal infrastructure and the import of LNG from multiple LNG sources.

Nicholson has experienced great success over his life-long career with more than $4 billion in energy exits. He knows that it is not financially viable to continue importing the bulk of Europe’s gas from one country.

The Next European Winter

Europe’s choice to abruptly wean itself from Russia’s oil supply while lacking infrastructure of its own created panic ahead of last winter. And while the region was fortunate to experience a winter that was relatively mild, the same can’t be said for the one ahead.

MCF Energy, alongside the EU and many other world leaders, know that, at the current moment, there is an immediate need for high-quality natural gas. 

Natural gas is the cheapest and cleanest option, which is why it’s considered the world’s ‘bridge fuel.’ And while on the road to renewables, it is undoubtedly the best and most accessible option. Without natural gas, homes don’t heat up, cars and lights don’t work, and families are affected.  
All of this puts MCF Energy in a unique, first-mover position in the midst of one of the largest economic windfalls in history.

You can learn more about MCF Energy and this energy opportunity by listening below: