The Chris and Ryan Show – Entrepreneurs, Experts, and Influencers Unite to Spread a Message of Hope

From dealing with grief and mental health issues, to spreading positivity and inspiring growth – why a new podcast from a tech entrepreneur is proving to be a hit.

Hearing best friends and entrepreneurs Chris Thomas, 23, and Ryan Fyvie, 25, banter together, you’d be hard pressed not to be immediately affected by their infectious energy and unwavering positivity. So it may come as a surprise to discover that the two young men were united by the personal tragedy of losing their fathers at a young age. Chris is now the CEO of one of Scotland’s leading telecommunications and IT services providers, and Ryan is the director of a successful street food company. Having overcome a series of life challenges, today the pair are passionate about remaining upbeat and future-focused. 

And their attitude, advice, and unique insights are proving to be a hit with listeners of their podcast, The Chris & Ryan Show. So much so, in fact, it has just been announced new episodes will now be released on a weekly basis to keep up with popular demand.

The format is a simple one – the show takes the form of an informal chat with entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers. Each guest is given the opportunity to discuss their backstory, talk about life’s hurdles, and pass on words of wisdom to listeners. The role of Chris and Ryan is to pick out core concepts and break down the guest’s advice into digestible directions that listeners can put into action in their own lives.

To date, guests have included restaurant entrepreneur Michele Civiera, DJ and record collector Yogi Haughton, expert nutritionist Dina Celina, and the businessman and bodybuilder ‘Big Al’ Allan McDougall.

Discussing the popularly of the podcast, Chris explained; ‘It started out as a fun, light-hearted chat with a different person each month. As the number of listeners grew, we started getting feedback that the key takeaways from each episode were having a real impact on people, so in response we’re now releasing weekly episodes. And we’re now really fortunate that we’ve got an impressive list of interesting people lined up to be interviewed in the coming months’.

As Ryan continues; ‘I think what people appreciate most about The Chris & Ryan Show is the realness and the rawness of it all. We discuss real life situations and we don’t hold back. We’re both naturally positive and growth-minded individuals and I think this really comes across in each episode’.

When asked what the future holds for the show, the podcasters are resolute in their aim; ‘We want to help as many people as possible develop a growth mindset, become more positive, and overcome their fears’ says Chris. 

‘Quite simply, we want to change the world through conversation’ adds Ryan.