EQL Helps Alleviate Pressure From GP’s In Bedfordshire And Greenwich From Covid-19

In a move designed to reduce the strain on GPs and the wider healthcare system, NHS Bedfordshire CCG and NHS Greenwich CCG (covering a total population of over 700,000 patients) have implemented an innovative software solution capable of triaging patients with MSK related issues such as bad backs and sprains determining the severity of their condition and recommending next stages without the need for a doctors’ appointment.

Phio is EQL’s physiotherapy assessment solution providing an agile triage tool that signposts users into suitable MSK care pathways. This approach reduces the need for human intervention thereby alleviating pressure on GP’s already under pressure from COVID-19.

Jason Ward, CEO of EQL, who along with Peter Grinbergs co-founded the company, said: “At this time it is imperative to alleviate pressure on Primary Care and the wider NHS.  We are committed to radically improving clinical pathways through technology and are thrilled to be working with NHS Bedfordshire and Greenwich through Circle Health the specialist healthcare provider.  We hope to see other Clinical Commissioning Groups follow suit in the future. ”

Accessible 24/7 and available in any language, Phio can complement existing services and is a strong alternative for many telephone-based and remote physiotherapy services. It also offers dramatically improved customer journeys and has the potential to radically improve health outcomes.