Ethical Shoppers Look To Boycott Black Friday

Majority of consumers are choosing to boycott Black Friday this year as they opt to shop independently, sustainably and support local communities.

62% of Shoppers Intend to Boycott Black Friday

Black Friday originated in the US as part of Thanksgiving traditions and has since become a high-profile date in the UK, effectively marking the start of the festive shopping season, but since the pandemic consumers focus has changed and too-good-to-be-true deals from large retailers have lost a lot of their appeal. In fact, a recent survey highlighted that nearly two-thirds of all shoppers (62%) are intending to boycott Black Friday this year.

National independent business directory & marketplace, Shopli, believes that shopping in the UK has changed for good as the majority of shoppers are more focussed on their local communities, sustainability and supporting independent businesses.

Lee Nathan, CEO of Shopli, and Regional Chairman for the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) commented, “The pandemic has changed how the UK public now shop and the majority of shoppers don’t just want discounts and deals. Independent businesses can offer alternatives and so much more than discounts such as truly unique, more sustainable and locally sourced products and this speaks to consumers values more than a quick saving from a huge faceless brand.”


Discover Local Businesses in the UK

There are over 250,000 independent retailers, hospitality, leisure & similar style businesses across the UK and along with many national brands, they play a vital role in keeping local high streets and centres thriving whilst helping attract shoppers and business to these communities.

Shopli’s ground-breaking solution allows shoppers to discover local businesses, shop and save nationally with thousands of independents, connect and chat to them directly, safe with the knowledge that every business adheres to Shopli’s code of conduct, guidelines, standards of practice and behaviour. The Shopli platform is completely free and utilises a cutting-edge website and app to connect consumers with independent businesses and communities across the UK.

Lee added, “At Shopli we connect consumers with independent businesses and communities both locally and nationally and offer a completely free solution that will help local businesses sell to a national audience and attract more shoppers from their communities to discover and connect with them.

As the regional chairman for the FSB, I am actively involved with many local business owners and know first-hand the struggles many have had over the last couple of years and we have developed a platform that helps these retailers and services to compete on a national level.”

The Shopli app is available on both Android and iOS operating systems and already has thousands of verified retailers, services and products available and is completely free for both consumers and independent businesses.