EU to Open Artificial Intelligence ‘Crash Test’ Centers For Online Safety

In a significant step towards responsible technological advancement, the European Union is inaugurating state-of-the-art ‘crash test’ facilities for Artificial Intelligence (AI). This pioneering initiative aims to secure the safety and reliability of innovative AI technologies before they become market-ready. The entire project is funded by a substantial investment of £190 million, ensuring robust safety measures for emerging digital technologies.

Setting the Safety Standard: Virtual and Physical Test Centres

Sprinkled across the continent, four high-tech testing and experimental facilities are poised to become the newest guardians of AI technology. These centres, spanning both virtual and physical dimensions, will offer technology providers the opportunity to test their AI applications in real-world environments from next year. The focus sectors include manufacturing, health care, agriculture and food, and urban communities.

Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence: A Call to Innovators

Lucilla Sioli, the Director for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Industry at the European Commission, emphasised the need for “trustworthy artificial intelligence” during a launch event in Copenhagen. These test centres are designed to be a conduit for innovators to bring responsible and reliable AI to the market, thereby mitigating risks such as disinformation – a key challenge posed by AI technology.

Echoing the European Crash Test System for New Cars

The Technical University of Denmark, which will spearhead one of the centres, compared these facilities to the EU’s renowned car crash test system. These AI testing centres will serve as a digital equivalent, performing the crucial role of a “safety filter” between technology providers and European users. Moreover, they will provide valuable insights to inform public policy on the responsible use of AI.


Diverse Sectors, One Common Goal

The four distinct test centres each focus on a unique sector. The AI-Matters TEF aims to bolster the resilience of the European manufacturing sector by leveraging AI and robotics. TEF-Health focuses on healthcare applications, from machine learning in medical imaging to rehabilitation robotics. The agrifoodTEF is oriented towards agriculture and food production, utilising AI to optimise processes like crop production. Finally, the TEF targets smart cities and communities, ensuring AI technologies are safe in everyday living environments.

Groundbreaking AI: Did You Know?

Did you know that Europe has been a pioneer in advocating for trustworthy and ethical AI? The EU has not only introduced the world’s first AI legislation, the AI Act, but has also led the way in promoting transparent and accountable AI systems.

Now, with the inauguration of these ‘crash test’ centres, Europe is cementing its position as a leader in safe and responsible AI innovation. It ensures that the advent of AI, which is already transforming various facets of our lives, is in alignment with European values, benefiting all 450 million EU citizens.

A Bright Future for AI in Europe

These innovative testing facilities are expected to be fully operational by January 2024. Meanwhile, some services are set to commence as early as July 2023. The creation of these AI ‘crash test’ centres is a testament to Europe’s commitment to navigate the complex landscape of AI with safety, accountability, and public welfare at the forefront. As we step further into the digital age, Europe continues to lay the groundwork for the responsible and innovative use of AI.