Exciting New Gaming-Focused Blockchain ‘Neon Link’ Successfully Launches This Month

Neon Link

Coming out of stealth mode as a fully-fledged ecosystem, NEON Link successfully launches as the first gaming-focused Layer-1 blockchain

Neon Link, a new blockchain and ecosystem, is about to launch on mainnet in Q1 2023. Coming out of stealth after over a year of development, many important features are launching throughout this year: the NEON multi-chain Wallet, Decentralised Exchange, Marketplace, Bridge, Block Explorer, NEON Gaming ID (Naming Service), and the $NEON token that powers the entire ecosystem.

Alongside the ecosystem, Neon Link has numerous projects in the late stages of development. One of these is a triple-A game, Ascend The End. This game is a 3rd person shooter that delivers a unique experience from its integration with Neon Link’s fast and fee-free network. This includes a variety of game modes and an in-game economy where you can gather resources to craft weapons, ammo, and armour! 

Ascend the End will offer the opportunity to earn exclusive in-game assets and crypto asset rewards for consistently ranking well in competitive gameplay. 

Neon Link offers an easy onboarding process for gamers to web3 through the NEON Wallet, true ownership of game-related assets, and authentic gaming experiences thanks to game developer partner Wasiona and in-house dev and art talent. 

Game developers will also be able to build fantastic and unique games with Neon Link. This will be supported by NEON’s comprehensive software development kit (SDK) and incentive structure and the first 20 projects will receive additional support.

CEO of Neon Link, Vedran Sisak had this to say: “After over a year of extremely hard work, we’re thrilled to announce our existence to the world and start onboarding gamers, developers, and token holders to our new chain. I can’t wait to see not only the launch of our games, but what others might build, too!” 

Alongside Ascend The End, upcoming NEON Link projects include:

  • NEON Saga: a competitive NFT card battler game for mobile and browser.
  • NEON Punks Arcade: an art-driven platform with a variety of hyper casual fun mini-games

Neon Link intends to build thriving eSport ecosystems around relevant competitive games, including large prize pools for participants.

The opportunity to own a piece of this blockchain network is incoming. The pre-sale for $NEON Tokens is expected to take place in February.