Factset and Applifting Collaborate To Further Enhance Presence in the The Fintech Space

Applifting,(www.applifting.io),one of Europe’s fastest growing software development companies*, has announced a strategic collaboration with FactSet, a leading provider of flexible, open data and software solutions for over 185,000 investment professionals worldwide.

FactSet helps the financial community to see more, think bigger, and work better. The company‘s digital platform and enterprise solutions deliver financial data, analytics, and open technology to over 7,500 global clients, that is then used to make informed investment decisions.

The collaboration enables Applifting to assist FactSet clients with their software and app development needs. By easing the software development and integration process for future FactSet clients, Applifting will continue to cement its position as “one to watch” in the fintech development field.

Jan Hauser, CEO of Applifting said: “Applifting is a well-respected entity in London and across central Europe for helping startups, scale ups, and companies to grow their business, but wanted to further strengthen our presence in the UK, so we actively sought out the right partner for us. We have found such a partner in FactSet.“

“FactSet is an established and recognised brand in the financial services sector, so this is a win-win situation as we can learn from their success and best-in-class practices. At the same time, we can provide our expertise to FactSet’s clients. By collaborating with FactSet we aim to provide not only exceptional tech resources, but also to enable businesses to transform their ideas into investment-ready projects,” concluded Hauser.“Our collaboration with Applifting ensures that FactSet clients have access to strong professional services intimately familiar with our solutions,” said Josh Gaddy, Director, Developer Advocacy, FactSet. “We look forward to working with Applifting’s team of talented engineers to help our clients maximise our solutions so they can do their best work.”