The Fall Of Showering And The Rise Of Personal Hygiene Apps

Recent discussions on personal hygiene have sparked a debate about the necessity of daily showers, as reported by BBC. Contrary to common belief, experts suggest that daily showering may be more of a social expectation than a health requirement.

Practising hygiene is crucial for overall health, preventing the spread of infections, and maintaining personal well-being. Fortunately, there are tools available that make the process enjoyable and ensure habits stick. By incorporating fun elements and interactive features, these tools aim to encourage consistent hygiene practices.


Why Are People Showering Less?


While many people still follow the tradition of daily showers, a growing number of individuals are reducing their shower frequency due to factors such as remote work, lifestyle changes, and environmental concerns. Some people opt for showers only three times a week or even less frequently.

However, the reluctance to discuss infrequent showering publicly reflects societal norms and pressures. Despite scientific evidence suggesting that daily showers may not offer significant health benefits and could even harm the skin and immune system, the majority still adhere to this practice.

Environmental considerations also play a role, with some individuals adopting infrequent showering as part of their sustainability efforts. BBC notes that, despite this trend, experts do not foresee a widespread shift away from daily showering due to deeply ingrained societal norms.


Why Is Personal Hygiene Important?


Practising personal hygiene is crucial for maintaining overall health and well-being.

By regularly washing hands, bathing, and brushing teeth, individuals can prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses that cause illnesses like colds, flu, and even more serious infections. Good hygiene habits also contribute to healthier skin, teeth, and gums, reducing the risk of skin infections, cavities, and gum disease.

Proper hygiene also promotes self-confidence and social acceptance, increasing both physical and mental well-being.


The Rise Of Personal Hygiene


The personal hygiene market is experiencing significant growth, driven by increased consumer awareness and changing shopping behaviours.

Mintel reports that, despite the cost-of-living squeeze, consumer spending on beauty and personal care products in the UK rose by 6% in 2023. This growth is attributed to savvy shopping habits and the demand for affordable luxury items like fragrances.

With the market expected to reach £12.6 billion by 2028, businesses are focusing on transparency and sustainability to meet evolving consumer preferences.


The Rise Of Personal Hygiene Businesses


As the market evolves, personal hygiene businesses have seen a notable rise. With growing awareness of health and cleanliness, consumers increasingly seek effective products and services.





FreshCheck, founded in 2015 by PhD alumni from Imperial College London, offers innovative hygiene verification solutions. Their initial research led to the development of a colour-change hygiene verification spray, followed by the integrated FreshCheck Hygiene Verification System.

With expertise in chemical biology and microbiology, their team ensures the development of effective products for confirming hygiene in various industries.





Planera is a material technology company dedicated to reducing waste. Their innovative Flushtec® technology ensures that their products, like Fluus period pads, are 100% flushable, leaving zero waste.

By focusing on creating multi-purpose technologies, they aim to have a significant positive impact on the planet and people. Planera pioneers solutions to transform consumer product categories, starting with personal hygiene.


Cremo Company



Cremo Company offers a range of grooming products designed for the modern man who seeks superior quality and performance. From shaving essentials to beard care and body washes, each product is crafted with high-performance ingredients and uncommonly good scents.

Rooted in tradition but committed to innovation, Cremo delivers an astonishingly superior grooming experience for today’s man.


Beauty Science UK

Beauty Science UK, including The Pro Hygiene Collection®, provides professional beauty and personal care hygiene solutions trusted by international cosmetics companies and professionals. Their range offers cleansing and sanitising products for hands, makeup, tools, and work environments.

With eco-friendly options and business services, they prioritise quality, effectiveness, and environmental consciousness in beauty hygiene.


Here We Flo



Here We Flo is a women-of-colour owned company offering sustainable period products like organic tampons and period pants. Founded by best friends Tara and Susan, their mission is to empower people to feel confident during their messiest moments.

With eco-friendly materials and a commitment to sustainability, Here We Flo aims to make a positive impact on both people and the planet.



Personal Hygiene Apps


In today’s world, there’s an app for everything, even for making personal hygiene a fun and habitual part of our lives. These apps gamify the hygiene process, turning it into an engaging experience. From reminders to tracking progress, they help instill healthy habits while keeping users motivated and entertained.



Streaks, an Apple Design Award winner, is a habit-forming to-do list app. Users can choose from 24 tasks, such as walking the dog or flossing teeth, and extend their streak with each completion.

Available in multiple languages, it integrates with Apple Health for automatic goal tracking. Streaks is accessible across Apple devices, including iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac, and Apple Vision Pro.





Text2Floss offers an innovative approach to improving oral hygiene habits through its interactive mobile app. Users receive text reminders for brushing and flossing, track their oral health progress, and access educational resources.

Available in multiple languages, it caters to both adults and children, promoting positive oral behaviours and facilitating dental checkup scheduling. With features like dental clinic locators and medical history storage, Text2Floss serves as a comprehensive oral health management tool.


Hygiene – Routines Tracker

Hygiene – Routines Tracker is your go-to app for cultivating healthy hygiene habits effortlessly.

Tailored for ease and flexibility, it offers a range of routines, customisable schedules, and a journal feature to monitor progress.



Beardify is a grooming app that lets you experiment with different facial hair styles, regardless of whether you have a beard or not. It offers a variety of styles and options to match your hair colour, which makes it an entertaining app for everyone.

With Beardify, you can try different styles of beard without the hassle of over or under-shaving.



SureWash is a leading healthcare mobile application offering hand hygiene training. Using gesture recognition technology, it tracks users’ hand hygiene technique in real time, providing feedback for improvement. The app engages patients and visitors in infection control education and integrates with existing e-learning platforms.

With real-time reporting and certification features, SureWash ensures high standards of hand hygiene across healthcare facilities.