First-Ever Design & Product Initiative to Tackle Racism and Create An Inclusive Culture

People might have started reading and talking about Homosexuality but haven’t started accepting it yet! Black Lives Matter. But… this is an assertion. And to assert a concept means to “create”, or to “bring into existence” something which previously did not exist.

Ravisi, an Artisanal Design startup has taken a design & product initiative to lead with love and champion a mission for the betterment of the LGBT community. Bringing the Black Lives Matter in, they want to provide support for the most marginalised, by creating visibility. The first phase focuses on women. It’s a new concept, a new campaign and a new approach to tackle racism and create inclusion.


The campaign creates awareness by:

  • Shaking up conventional beliefs
  • Showing empathy and acceptance
  • Through design innovation
  • Identifying with people’s emotions


The startup is founded by an Alliance Manchester Business School alumni- Manavi Singhal. The Twinning LGBT & BLM is an award winning initiative which commits to investing in bringing real change for the BLM movement and the LGBT community. Being endorsed and liked by organisations like NHS, Creative Industries Federation and Creative England, she hopes Ravisi’s fresh and unique design approach to tackle racism and create inclusion reaches the audience. 

Twinning & BLM collection is a reflection on the current global climate that embraces change and creates visibility for communities who face exclusion and isolation on the grounds of their race or sexual identity.





Black women have always had issues of underrepresentation, in the fashion, beauty, art and digital space and especially in fitness and sports. This collection creates visibility for black women, thus creating a sense of empowerment and re- write the narrative for a new generation of girls by broadening access to creative careers.




Ravisi wishes to collaborate with leading brands to continue these necessary conversations and create a positive, welcoming space in the fashion, beauty and the fitness world for women of colour to feel seen, valued, and beautiful. 

There is a need to globally acknowledge the inclusion, by establishing a human purpose in the market, and this can be done through products. Products create visibility and bring awareness. Here are a few tribute designs Ravisi dedicates to some companies for the work done by them in this regard.