First Robot Back Therapist Launches to Help 88% of UK’s Back Problems

  • 88% of the UK adults suffer from back problems 
  • 46% say cost-of-living crisis is causing an increase in back issues 
  • Bad backs are costing the economy £10 billion annually 


BackHug, today launches into the UK with a global health-tech first. Sufferers can now subscribe to have a ‘robot back therapist’ in their homes (or offices) that they can control via their smartphone and comes with new proprietary ‘Spinemap’ back tension data technology.

This follows new research released today revealing 88% of Brits suffer with some form of back problem, costing an estimated £10 billion to the economy.

BackHug is making back care more accessible and affordable, with a monthly subscription starting at just £89 a month, with free delivery and unlimited usage in the convenience of subscribers’ homes.

This follows a 31% increase in back and neck problems since the pandemic, with 63% of people saying they are staying in more due to the cost-of-living crisis, with 46% stating it’s causing them more back pain and stiffness. 16% attribute the increase to working from home.

Currently 44% of the UK workforce have taken sick leave due to back problems, BackHug’s 26 robotic fingers loosen stiff joints in the back, neck and shoulder blades. Stiff joints are the root cause of most of the pain we experience but cannot be treated by other devices and are too hard for human therapists to treat, making BackHug the first truly effective solution for joint stiffness and the aches and pains it causes.

BackHug also offers in-app physio consultations to assess users’ needs, with over 2,000+ personalised treatment programme options. ‘Spinemap’ technology also objectively monitors users’ back tension, which changes over time, to allow the user to see objective confirmation of its outstanding therapeutic benefits after each session.
Chongsu Lee, Founder of BackHug, comments: “With one in five people stuck on health care waiting lists and saying they can’t afford multiple private physiotherapy sessions a month, BackHug is the future of back therapy by making it more accessible and affordable to treat back problems.
“It is the most effective way to loosen stiff joints, which is the most effective way to sustainably fix back aches and related issues (like sore thigh, headache, Achilles tendonitis, tennis elbow etc.)
“Back tension has never been measured on a large scale before and represents a valuable new data category, thanks to our innovative technology”, Mr Lee finishes.