Flexibility Over Consistency: More Women In The UK Choosing “Anywhere Work” Survey Reveals

Fiverr International Ltd., has announced its second Anywhere Worker Study, releasing insights looking into the current trends of Anywhere Workers.

With data from across the world, 2000 Anywhere Workers (i.e. people who work remotely while traveling from at least two locations, domestic or international, throughout the year), reveal that they are choosing to travel more and for longer periods of time.

Of the 1000+ UK Anywhere Workers surveyed, over a third (37%) have been identified as Anywhere Workers for 2 years already, and over 1 in 5 (22%) plan to continue living the Anywhere Worker lifestyle for more than 2 years, up to 3 years.

As flexibility through remote work continues to gain momentum, the global workforce is becoming more dispersed with people incorporating both work and travel into their lifestyle seamlessly. The nomadic lifestyle also continues to gain traction as macro-economic pressures have accelerated peoples’ decision to ditch the traditional ‘9-5’ work routine.

Bukki Adedapo, UK Country Manager at Fiverr comments: “There has been a significant mindset shift in that work is no longer seen as a barrier to traveling and experiencing new ways of living. Now that remote work becomes the norm and a highly valued part of work, we’re seeing people embrace this Anywhere Worker lifestyle.

“The stereotype that Anywhere Working is aimed more at the arts and creative industry is no more as the most popular career path for UK Anywhere Workers is in the IT and Technology sector. Platforms like Fiverr are designed to enable people to blend work, life and family and champion anyone to explore opportunities, without compromising their daily life. It’s extremely promising that 94% of Anywhere Workers globally, said their earnings have remained stable or actually increased when compared to the previous year”.



Other key insights include –

More women are leaning into the Anywhere Worker lifestyle because they are prioritising flexibility and autonomy in their lives

  • 36% of female Anywhere Workers prioritise more flexibility and autonomy in their lives, compared to 33% of men.
  • 34% of female Anywhere Workers chose to live a life of travel and work because they were tired of working in a 9-5 setting and staying in one location, compared to 31% of men.

Cost of living remains top of mind across the global workforce

  • Anywhere Workers are a vast group, beyond just single people, many families also live this lifestyle so it’s not surprising that just under 1 in 5 (19%) of Anywhere Workers state employment opportunities for their family as the most important factor when deciding where to work, travel and live.
  • Unsurprisingly, cost of living tops decision factors for UK Anywhere Workers with over a third (36%) stating that it was the most important factor.

UK Anywhere Workers are earning more or the same since committing to this lifestyle

  • Earning potential is just one perk to this lifestyle as the data reveals that 45% have said their earnings have increased since becoming an Anywhere Worker.
  • By committing to this lifestyle, Anywhere Workers are seeing the financial rewards as nearly half (45%) of UK Anywhere Workers earn over £1,500 per month and more than 10% earn over £3,000 per month.
  • Globally, Anywhere Workers that have experienced financial issues has decreased by 15% when compared to the previous year (64% vs 79%).

America remains the top destination for UK Anywhere Workers

  • Just under half of UK Anywhere Workers are choosing the USA to work, followed closely by Spain and Portugal.
  • Other notable locations for UK Anywhere Workers include Mexico and Indonesia