Four Ts&Cs You Must Know Before Using The Stake Bonus Code And Its Promotions

Stake Bonus Code

The rapid growth of the iGaming industry in the last couple of years has forced some online betting operators to step up their game. Many sites only focused on cosmetic changes, but the best in the business also added new bonuses.

When talking about online promotions, we need to mention Stake. Interestingly, one factor contributing to its popularity is the availability of bonus codes like the Stake bonus code, as it offers people the chance to get an incredible welcome proposition for new users. However, the crypto casino has way more things to offer, some of which are even more special than others.

Speaking of Stake and its bonuses, some people like them so much that they don’t even bother looking at the T&Cs. Albeit being one of the leading gambling sites, Stake also has specific rules users must adhere to, which is why it’s time to go through them.

1. You can take part in the weekly giveaway by punting on sports or playing casino games

One of Stake’s signature bonuses that made the brand extremely popular in the last couple of years is its weekly giveaway. This is an offer that allows users to compete for a $75K weekly prize that is split between 15 people. Those who want to take part in the competition need to earn points.

With that said, this is where some people need help because they assume that the only way to earn points is by playing casino games. Although this will allow people who gamble to get points, they can also do that by wagering on sports. This is good news for all online bettors because they can experience Stake’s one-of sportsbook and everything it offers.

With that said, the only way to get one point is bny wagering at least $1000. To check the number of your active entries, you must go the VIP section inside your profile.

2. Some of the sports betting bonuses will have a minimum bet requirement

Stake is popular for loads of things, one of which is that the platform provides all kinds of short-termed offers. Many of them are available before a big event or for a couple of days, so you need to keep an eye on the bonus section to make the most of them.

Although these offers look similar to the standard perks this brand offers, there are some differences. For example, most of these propositions have a specific minimum deposit requirement that is slightly higher than usual and the amount needed to use the specific payment option. You must adhere to this rule in order to make the most of the promotion.

3. Having multiple accounts at Stake will prevent you from using almost all bonuses

Nowadays, most iGaming operators do not allow clients to have multiple accounts. They usually allow users to have only one valid registration because they must adhere to different regulations set by the gambling authorities. This also applies to Stake and people here will have to verify some information about themselves before making withdrawals.

Although it is not allowed, many people who like gambling have multiple accounts with Stake. If you are one of them, you won’t be able to use some of the bonuses that make this site stand out. For example, people with multiple accounts can’t participate in Eddie’s Challenge, which is among Stake’s signature proposals.

Speaking of this bonus, those who can participate in it must beat the multiple on the specific casino game within a week. Those who do that will win a share of the $25K prize pool.

4. Some of the casino tournaments have a minimum bet requirement

Aside from all the challenges and the special perks from Stake for its sportsbook, the operator also has different casino tournaments. Besides the fact that you have to play specific games to take part in them, you also have to check if there is a specific minimum bet requirement. For example, some events will only accept bets of $0.10 or higher, so check the applicable rules.