A new frictionless kiosk is revolutionizing the brick-and-mortar experience

In New York —  during the NRF Retail Week — Antavo unveiled a preview of its new Loyalty Experience Kiosk built upon facial recognition and iPhone’s advanced NFC capabilities.

The Loyalty Experience Kiosk is a window to in-store engagement for brands and retailers. With it, customers can access exclusive offers, spin the Prize Wheel, fill out brand-themed quizzes, or join a treasure hunt where they are rewarded for finding and scanning codes on highlighted products. Users can also record video avatars, or check out real-time, inventory-based product recommendations via the Virtual Stylist module – where shoppers can browse through the available products, select the items they like most, and have a curated collection brought to them by an in-store assistant.

Sporting a slick, eye-catching design, the heart of the Loyalty Experience Kiosk is a 22-inch multi touch screen, which is connected to a series of NFC and motion sensors. Customers can enroll or login in multiple convenient ways including simply tapping their iPhone or with facial recognition.

The technology was showcased to senior retail executives at an exclusive event that was supported by NRF, and will launch at major retailers this spring in New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


As retailers focus on experiential retail, Apple’s new NFC advancement now allows seamless interactions in an unprecedented way – no app downloads or even typing required. By tapping their phones or setting up facial recognition profiles, shoppers share with retailers valuable data on their shopping behavior and interests. In return, they get a more seamless and efficient shopping experience.

The Antavo-built and Apple-powered experience is meant to redefine in-store engagement through features such as the Virtual Stylist or the Treasure Hunt while using facial recognition, motion sensing, and NFC to ensure the user experience is smooth and seamless.

“We wanted to give customers an experience that’s both unique and convenient: this solution is compatible with a large variety of mobile phones, and customers can decide to sign in using facial recognition for their convenience” said Attila Kecsmar, CEO at Antavo. “We’re also aware that customers are now using Apple Pay to quickly and conveniently pay in stores, therefore offering one-tap enrollment and log-in creates a seamless experience for them.”

The hardware-software composition of the Loyalty Experience Kiosk, manufactured by Antavo, contains an NFC reader from ID Tech, a set of NFC tags, and a variety of motion sensors, all of which are built into a case that holds the 22-inch touchscreen.

Antavo is a leading SaaS loyalty technology for retail, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and hospitality. They help to create online and omnichannel customer retention programs. The company serves clients like PepsiCo, Benetton, Jimmy Jazz, the N Brown Group, AB InBev and LuisaViaRoma, and its solution has delivered as much as 16% growth in revenue for its clients.