Frontify Can Deliver 367% ROI According to Total Economic Impact Study


Frontify, the leading provider of brand management software, announced the release of the 2022 Total Economic Impact (TEI) Study, commissioned by Frontify and conducted independently by Forrester Consulting.

The study provides a model on how to determine the economic value for any company considering implementing Frontify’s software and is based on extensive interviews with Frontify customers to examine the value of investing in Frontify’s platform, which serves as a single source of brand truth for companies.

The study’s key findings showed:

Cultivating brand culture and encouraging adoption and use of the brand creates a lift of $473,220 over three years. The single source of brand truth provides efficiencies of $2,743,170 over three years. Enabling local marketing teams to do higher-value work leads to a gain of $1,003,504 over three years.

The complete study which can be accessed here also includes interviews with global enterprise customers on how they experienced value from Frontify’s Brand Management Platform.



Customers spoke to some of the unqualified benefits of using Frontify such as:

Better team relationships and collaboration between transversal and local teams. ‘Safe’ customisation/localisation by providing pre-approved and ready-to-use templates. The ability to manage risk linked to compliance for aspects such as accessibility requirements of websites properties and management of the time and geographic limitations of copyrights.

“In the past, local marketers spent a lot of time creating marketing material, where they reinvented the wheel every time…We concentrated the creative experts in one organization and they dedicate their time to creating assets in Frontify. We see we are freeing up at least 50% of our local marketers’ time that they can use to do valuable marketing work, such as identifying how to reach new audiences or existing customers in new channels.” – Frontify enterprise-customer quoted in the study.

As Roger Dudler, Founder & CEO of Frontify explains, the overall benefits of purposefully investing in your brand go well beyond the criteria captured in this report. “We believe the results of the Forrester TEI on Frontify are clear indicators of the impact that investing in a powerful and integrated brand management process has on the bottom line. The long-term gains, however, can be felt through a commitment to brand consistency and holistic involvement in the brand building process – where everyone behind the brand has access, guidance, and enablement to shape it from within – fostering a deeper sense of purpose, belonging, authenticity, and engagement. It’s a cycle that fuels employee adoption and activation, and ultimately stronger, more successful brands.”