GameCycle: The Digital Marketplace Dedicated To Gaming

By Martyn Sadler, Founder of GameCycle

GameCycle is a digital marketplace, dedicated to gaming. Our members form a close community, where they use our virtual point-based system, to swap games and gaming items (such as consoles or accessories) back and forth with one another.

GameCycle aims to address several challenges faced by gamers and their families. Firstly, the entry point to gaming can be very high especially when considering the cost of the latest suite of consoles, their accessories, and games, GameCycle looks to reduce or remove that barrier into gaming.

Additionally, GameCycle promotes sustainability and circularity in the gaming sector. The technology that underpins gaming moves at a great pace and follows a linear consumption pattern. This leaves consumers with little choice but to dispose of end-of-life items, clutter and unwanted gear, unfortunately the most common way being direct to landfill!

Although gaming only makes up a small part of the e-waste challenge, we strongly believe that our targeted approach plays and will continue to play a major part of the monumental shift required toward a more circular global economy!

The GameCycle platform rewards members for passing on old gaming items and does this in a simple and intuitive way, reducing friction and ultimately making it an easy choice. Every time an item on the GameCycle platform is ‘cycled’ from one member to another it’s given a new lease of life, whether a headset, controller or games console each transaction keeps that item in use and out of landfill.

We believe that by continuously engaging with the evermore aware consumer, incentivising them and reducing any perceived friction. Technology such as the GameCycle marketplace will begin to form a network of industry focused initiatives that enable a move away from traditional linear consumption of products transforming industries in to a thriving and viable circular economy.

GameCycle is live now and available to use in the UK, Ireland, and the US. In order to scale our operation, we have started to build out a team to wrap around the product, marketing, finance and technology.

Additionally we are keen to put an advisory board in place, subject matter experts from business, technology, environmental and the gaming industry will be invited to be involved in our journey ([email protected] – let us know if you’d like to be involved).

Delivering on our ambitions will require support, by way of funding, which the team are already starting to prepare for. Over the next 2-3 years we will dramatically scale GameCycle to become a recognisable brand and a driving force for good within the gaming industry showing others how a viable business can successfully be built around challenges such as e-waste.