Get exclusive, safe access to Telegram’s Gram tokens with DSX


DSX, the professional cryptocurrency exchange, will be the only UK based, FCA registered platform offering investors the chance to buy Telegram’s Gram tokens when they go on public sale.

The sale marks the first time the general public will be able to buy and sell Gram tokens and DSX users will be amongst the first in the world to take part. Over 150 million tokens will be available for purchase, with many significant investors choosing to exclusively sell their tokens through DSX.

Mike Rymanov, Founder and CEO of DSX said: “Telegram’s tokens are one of the most hotly anticipated cryptocurrencies of 2019 and we’re thrilled to be the only FCA registered UK exchange offering traders a chance to buy tokens.

“DSX prides itself on harnessing the professionalism of the financial world and combining it with the adventure of the crypto market, so it’s an obvious destination for the inaugural investors to sell their Gram tokens exclusively through DSX.”

With over 200 million active users a month, Telegram’s development of its own cryptocurrency marks a major step in making the future of finance accessible to the public. Anyone wishing to use DSX to take full advantage of the very first release of Gram tokens will need to register soon, with tokens due to go on sale by October 31.

To register visit DSX.UK.