Glovo pledges further support for couriers and platform workers with launch of digital learning programme

  • The new programme provides couriers across the world with online courses and learning tools to assist them in acquiring additional skills and accessing a wider range of jobs 
  • Working in partnership with Foxize and Goodhabitz, Glovo is providing 110 courses to all Glovo couriers in 9 countries, with plans rollout 4 short courses in all markets and languages by June
  • ‘G-Learning’ forms a key element of Glovo’s Couriers Pledge which provides more social rights and benefits for platform workers

Glovo, one of the world’s leading multi-category delivery players, today announced the launch of ‘G-Learning’, an online programme which aims to help couriers gain access to more qualified jobs by providing online training courses.

The aim of the programme is to give couriers the opportunity to access a wider range of jobs, by connecting them with online learning tools. The idea came from surveying Glovo couriers across its 25 markets and recognising that ‘learning’, ‘training’ and ‘courses’ appeared in the top five opportunities couriers would like to seek.

Glovo has partnered with Foxize or the platform set-up, and Goodhabitz for the content, to develop the G-Learning platform. Glovo is already offering more than 110 courses in several languages, including; English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Spanish. And up to four short courses will also be offered in all languages, and will be operating in all markets by the middle of 2022.

This new learning programme is the main tool Glovo will use for the implementation of the learning and development pillar of The Couriers Pledge, a commitment made in partnership with Fairwork, to increase the social rights and benefits available to couriers, regardless of employment or work status with the company. Having introduced The Couriers Pledge in Morocco and Georgia last year, and most recently in Poland last month, Glovo intends to roll out the initiative to all markets by the end of 2023.

G-Learning courses are currently available in 10 countries, including; Ghana, Italy, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Portugal, Spain, Uganda, and most recently in Poland. Glovo plans to continue to expand the markets and languages in which the G-Learning platform is available, with a goal to have it available in all Glovo’s regions by the end of 2022. So far, 2,453 couriers have registered for the G-Learning platform and 15 per cent have completed ¾ of enrolled courses, demonstrating the demand for high training programmes. The top five courses include Speak Business English, Excel Essentials, Microsoft 365 Teams, Mind Your Brain and Strategic Marketing, indicating that couriers are looking to develop skills which would traditionally benefit office based roles. Flexibility is at the heart of Glovo’s business and G-Learning is no different. On average, the courses take 2-5 hours to complete but participants have complete control of the time they take to work on each programme.

Sacha Michaud, Glovo Co-founder at Glovo, said: “The gig economy has been a great source of income and flexibility for many, but it is not without its challenges. Through our development and implementation of The Couriers Pledge, we’ve been able to provide more social rights to our couriers, by improving insurance coverage, setting fair hourly earnings and providing access to safety and maintenance provisions. But we will not stop there. G-Learning was launched from the demand for training and educational courses, giving our couriers the opportunity to pursue longer-term career plans.

“We not only want to positively impact the couriers which work with Glovo, but we want to set new industry standards for a fairer gig economy overall and ensure the topic of platform workers’ rights is at the top of the agenda. Our aim is to work with local governments and communities to ensure that couriers have access to the training and learning they deserve to better their careers.”