Google Bard Rebrands To Gemini, Announces New App

Google has recently rebranded Bard as Gemini, furthering its involvement and development in AI-assisted collaboration.

Sissie Hsiao, Vice President and General Manager at Google, emphasized the mission: “to give you direct access to our AI models.” Gemini is described as Google’s most capable model family.

This rebranding is an enhancement in Google’s AI capabilities, offering users around the world new tools for creativity and problem-solving.


Expanding AI’s Reach


Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced Gemini’s integration into daily technology use, showing AI’s role in improving Search and products like Cloud and Workspace.

Highlighting the subscription growth of Google One, now nearing 100 million subscribers, Pichai showcased AI’s increasing centrality to Google’s services.


Advanced Capabilities with Gemini Advanced


Gemini Advanced introduces users to Ultra 1.0, Google’s state-of-the-art AI model, praised for its ability in complex tasks such as coding and creative projects.

Hsiao shares, “Gemini Advanced with Ultra 1.0 is now the most preferred chatbot compared to leading alternatives.”

This model facilitates detailed conversations and improved context understanding, promising to completely change how users interact with AI for learning, coding, and digital creation.


Ultra 1.0: A New Benchmark


The introduction of Ultra 1.0, described as surpassing human expertise in diverse subjects, marks a leap in AI capability.

Pichai’s announcement of integrating Ultra into Google products is a testament to their objectives in making AI more accessible and useful across Google’s ecosystem, including Workspace and Cloud services.


Accessibility and Integration


Google also announced the Gemini mobile app, improving access to its AI on smartphones.

This aims to integrate AI assistance seamlessly into daily tasks, offering conversational, multimodal support across Android and iOS devices.

“It’s an important first step in building a true AI assistant,” Hsiao notes, underlining Google’s commitment to making AI more helpful and accessible.


How To Access Gemini From Your Web Browser


To use the Gemini web app, navigate to and sign in with a personal Google Account or a Google Workspace account with access enabled.

It’s essential to take note of the age requirements, which vary by region, and use a supported browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Gemini offers direct access to Google AI for tasks such as writing and planning.


Pricing and Plans


Gemini Advanced is part of the Google One AI Premium Plan, priced at $19.99/month, including a two-month trial.

This plan encompasses Google’s latest AI advancements and additional benefits like 2TB of storage, with plans to integrate Gemini across various Google services.


A Responsible Approach


Google places focus on a responsible approach to AI development, incorporating safety and bias mitigation measures.

Before launching Gemini Advanced, Google conducted extensive trust and safety checks, including external red-teaming, to refine the model based on human feedback.