Gourmet 4 Expands with 25 New UK Venues

Award-winning food discovery group, Gourmet 4, expands with 25 New UK Venues.


Gourmet 4


Food marketplace and cuisine discovery group Gourmet 4, which has helped to bring incredible brands like Smokey Joe’s, Fat Burgers and Saucy Chicks to hungry foodies across the country, is preparing for a significant nationwide expansion following a hugely successful six months.

Acquisition International’s ‘Best Emerging Restaurant Group’ for 2021 already operates 13 locations in the UK. Under ambitious growth and development plans, an additional 25 new venues are set to open later this year, creating a stronger presence across the Midlands, the Northwest, London, and more.


Business Diversification

Gourmet 4 is a prime example of successful business diversification under challenging economic conditions, transforming restaurants into vibrant marketplaces of food. A food discovery leader specialising in bringing exciting new brands together into one multi-cuisine food hall to surprise and delight hungry diners.

Tony Mason, Operations Director, says “When we first started to adapt to meet evolving customer needs during the pandemic, we were so pleased to be able to bring more foods and more flavours to those missing out on the classic restaurant experience, but we were also limited in what we could achieve by the delivery radius of the delivery services we were using. Now, with 13 physical locations already in operation – and a further 25 opening soon – we’re thrilled to be able to expand our services on a national scale.”



Gourmet 4 is a modern multi-cuisine concept that showcases various off-the-radar food brands all in one convenient location. It’s been hailed as an essential platform for discovering new flavours at a time when food lovers have been restricted in their choice by restaurant closures, having to rely solely on the standard chains, fast food outlets, and local takeaways present on delivery apps. Gourmet For transforms tired and outdated restaurant spaces into vibrant marketplaces, making new tastes more accessible.

Like the 13 existing operations, the 25 new Gourmet 4 venues that are set to open soon will offer a dine-in, food hall style experience complete with COVID-secure self-service ordering using a simple EPOS. Tables can be booked online in advance through the Gourmet 4 website. A takeout option will also be available for those wishing to sample new foods at home.

Each location will offer diners the chance to try out food from four different Gourmet 4 brands, ensuring there’s always something for every preference.

Six new Gourmet 4 sites are set to open every three months, in locations including Exeter, Wolverhampton, and Bristol.