Our Inflation Reality

GreenJinn Founder

UK inflation has risen at its fastest rate for 40 years, jumping to 9%.

It is heartbreaking to hear people have to choose between the risk of getting a fine for not paying council tax to get petrol for the school run.

These are just a few areas someone mentioned they are being forced to take to pay the bills:

  • Actively having less baths and showers

  • Children having less of a social life as they can’t afford children’s clubs.

  • Can’t afford petrol for the school run

  • Having to get food from the Food Waste Project- basically from the super market bins to make sure they can put vegetables in front of the children

  • Saying no to their children when they want a Freddo.

  • Potentially having to give up their child’s fish, as the tank is using too much electricity. Imagine having to tell your child this.



It is not just one area, it’s every single thing.

Giuseppe, Co-Founder and CEO of GreenJinn, said “We are fortunate enough to be in a full time jobs here at GreenJinn and paid an industry standard but like many across the country, we are all feeling the crunch. At GreenJinn, we have always made sure we provide extra coupons ourselves, on products like fruit and vegetables to allow our users to have a whole shop and get essentials at a discount. This is a really easy way to make savings on your shop and help keep food bills down.”


GreenJinn Felix Project


Rob, Co-Founder and CFO of GreenJinn mentioned “We are very proud to have a team that is there to support each other whenever needed, financially and emotionally. Every situation is different but in my case I’m trying to cut on unnecessary deliveries (food and others) and to cycle around whenever possible. In this environment, there is a risk that every one of us may reduce our quality of foods and the nutritional value of what we eat as we opt for cheaper options. We want to prevent this from happening.

When we saw this happening during the various lockdowns, our team and partners worked hard (and continue to do so!) on helping families and individuals navigate this period and we are committed to provide better products on the app at reasonable prices every week so people can put vegetables in front of their children and continue to have a healthy lifestyle.

We are going to actively up the amount of extra coupons which we will provide ourselves to on those essential items to help people not increase their grocery shopping. We are working on introducing these into more retailers across the country to make these as accessible for all. We are going to facilitate wherever possible donations and access to food banks and charities like our wonderful friends at The Felix Project.

At GreenJinn, our mission is to make better products accessible to everyone, this is the moment for all of us to step up in the way we support our near community and the broader one, nobody should be left behind or feel alone in this!”