Half of UK Employees Looking for New Job Post-Covid-19

New research shows that 50% of currently employed people are planning to look for a new job after the pandemic is over.

Search For New Job

A new survey from Hooray Health & Protection showed that an overwhelming 50% of those currently employed are planning to look for another job after Covid-19. The survey looked at 1,150 respondents from small and medium sized enterprises (<250 employees). Nearly a quarter (24%) said they were somewhat likely to seek a new job, 13% very likely and 12% were extremely likely to look for a job post Covid-19.


Of those respondents, 50% were from just 11 industries. The highest percentage of respondents (12%) came from the hospital and health care sector. When delving deeper into the data, it is not wholly surprising that these individuals are seeking a new job. Aside from the very obvious stressors and pressures faced by the healthcare sector, they are also one of the least protected industries. An overwhelming majority (64%) of frontline workers reported getting no employee benefits. Conversely, the sector receiving the most employee benefits was the accounting industry.

Protecting Employees

There is work to be done by employers in order to retain staff and protect them from the impact of Covid-19. Shockingly, the survey revealed that almost half (47%) of businesses currently offer no employee benefits to their staff. Only 31% of those surveyed were happy with the benefits they currently receive from employers with 14% of respondents classified as “not happy at all”.

Flexible Working Conditions

Staff benefits are an easy way to boost employee happiness and prevent them looking for a new job. In this new reality, flexible working is one of the best benefits an employer can offer. This is especially for those employees needing to juggle a family. With most employers being forced to offer a more informal approach to working, the research suggests that employees are requesting for it to stay. 75% said that flexible working would have some impact on their morale as lockdown restrictions ease.


Also, given the past year, health-related benefits have more value now than ever. Income protection (24%) and health insurance (22%) were cited as the most desirable benefits. Unsurprisingly, formerly fashionable benefits such as “Fizz Friday” or free fruit are less relevant now that roles are not office-based.

Retaining Staff

Charlie Cousins, Founder of Hooray Health & Protection encourages businesses to rethink their benefit plans. “The survey demonstrates that 50% of staff in the UK are already considering seeking new employment, therefore businesses must adapt quickly and significantly to ensure that their workforce are receiving the support they need.”