Hapi Plan Launches New Gifting Functionality to “Facilitate Sustainable Wealth”

  • Hapi Plan Wants to Encourage “Less Physical Waste, More Financial Wealth” in 2022.
  • Hapi Plan Celebrates a New Gifting Feature by Offering Free Gifts Customers Can Send to Other Families.

It is estimated that we will have spent £21 billion on Christmas celebrations and presents in 2021 in the UK, with the average spend per person rising to £428. Sadly, as much as £42 million worth of Christmas gifts are in the most part unwanted and will ultimately end up in landfill, causing both financial and environmental waste.

This generation’s ever-growing and overwhelming climate crisis could do with some innovation when it comes to festive gifting. Many businesses are speaking out against frantic holiday shopping that starts with Black Friday and carries on throughout Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s sales. So, how do we gift responsibly and get as close as possible to zero waste?

Family finance app Hapi Plan is inviting UK families to discover a different way of gifting that reduces carbon footprint and plastic overflow by giving their users the opportunity to replace toys with meaningful gifts that can one day help children pay for university fees, climb on the property ladder or whatever their journey, to start it debt-free.

Every Hapi Plan customer will be able to send stocks (and ETFs) in the stockings of their nieces, nephews, godchildren, or any children they love. The idea of “less physical waste, more financial wealth” comes from seeing the amount of unnecessary things people buy for their families on special occasions, with Black Friday and Christmas being often the main culprits.



Hapi Plan already allows and strongly welcomes external contributions (as well as messages and pictures) into a child’s JISA via a unique link that the parent(s) can share with whoever they want. Many parents do it around special occasions, such as birthdays and Christmas as a way to reduce the amount of physical gifts and instead include their nearest and dearest in children’s investment journeys whilst building up long lasting memories as well.

Youssef Darwich, Co-Founder at Hapi Plan, commented:

“It’s actually tragic to know that so many Christmas gifts will end up in landfill, causing both environmental and financial waste. Many people are now looking for alternatives and this year we’re inviting UK families to discover a different way of gifting that reduces carbon footprint and plastic overflow.”

“We want to help parents, grandparents, relatives and friends invest in kids’ futures in a sustainable way, ditching useless toys, wrapping paper, cards, etc. Instead they can invest in ESG portfolios in a digital way, as well as upload messages and pictures that kids could hold on to forever. We’re giving our users the opportunity to sort out gifts effortlessly and for free, not to mention waste-free which is now more important than ever”.

Hapi Plan users will be able to personalise the gifts with pictures and messages via the app, then share it directly with the family it’s intended for, who must then create or transfer a Junior ISA to receive the gift. The child will be able to see this gift on their Hapi timeline as well as send a thank you message, thus removing any physical element from the gifting experience. No wrapping paper, no cards, no toys – just “sustainable wealth”.

Whilst Junior ISAs and investment accounts are already available in the market today, Hapi Plan aims to transform them by building them specifically for families and their unique requirements (example access to the investment account for both parents) and combining the investment accounts with features that allow social elements and a gifting experience.