Headspace Health Expands into Culture Services with Launch of Leadership Workshops on Mental Health in the Workplace

Headspace Health, the provider of the world’s most accessible, comprehensive digital mental health platform, today announced the launch of a leadership education program to equip managers with science-backed practices to drive cultural change in organisations, support mental health and well-being in the workplace, and improve employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

According to a global study from The McKinsey Health Institute, employees experiencing burnout are six times more likely to report they intend to leave their employers in the next three to six months, and intent to leave may correlate with two-to three-times higher rates of attrition. Conservative estimates of the cost of replacing employees range from one-half to two times their annual salary.

The Leadership Workshop Series will be the first of many offerings in a growing culture services program from Headspace Health that aims to bolster self compassion among leaders and prepare them to engage in meaningful conversations with their teams about mental health, burnout and stress in a manner that fosters psychological safety and compassion.

The initial series, which is being offered in collections, single sessions or a combination of both, gives organisations flexibility to meet the real-time needs of managers and their teams.



The Mindful Leadership Collection is intended for leaders of any level and provides guidance for managers on self-compassion and compassion for others.

The Managing Healthy Teams Collection is intended for people managers and includes topics such as burnout management, psychological safety, and check-in techniques.

Single workshop sessions are available on self-compassion, self-care and burnout management.

“This programme has provided some of our senior leaders with incredibly useful insights around how to create an environment where their teams can be at their best,” said Sean Tolram, Global Manager, Mindfulness Programme at HSBC. “With easy-to-digest content, combined with highly relevant and practical exercises, this programme addresses how to lead with a human touch, so that improvements in employee motivation, performance, and productivity can be achieved.”

Existing Headspace Health clients will be able to help shape and select the content that best solves for their unique short-term and long-term organisation goals. The program includes workshop facilitation by expert coaches and facilitators, a recommended communications plan to drive attendance and engagement, and end-to-end operational support.

Headspace Health will continue to expand the services offered in partnership with clients to support attraction and retention of talent, development of leadership resilience, and improved employee engagement.

“With employee burnout and turnover at an all-time high, companies are beginning to recognise that investing in leadership training on mental health and wellbeing is now table stakes,” said Russell Glass, CEO of Headspace Health. “By equipping managers with the education and tools they need, leaders will see less attrition, more fulfilled employees, and ultimately a positive impact on the bottom line.”

Initially available to Ginger and Headspace for Work enterprise clients in the U.S and the United Kingdom as of July 1, 2022, the offering will be available to prospects and other international clients in the company’s operating regions beginning January 2023. U.S. and UK Headspace Health clients interested in learning more can reach out directly to their customer success manager or visit headspacehealth.com/leadership-workshops.