Heka Launches World’s Biggest Collection Of Wellbeing Experiences For Remote, Hybrid And Office-Based Teams

Heka (previously GoSweat), confirms the launch of its new website and benefits platform on the 24th of June. Fit for the Covid-19 era and beyond, the all-new platform features an improved user and HR experience.

Fit For The Covid-19 Era and Beyond

The all-new platform features an improved user experience and HR dashboard; the Heka academy, a virtual space to host workshops and coaching sessions; and a stronger emphasis on community and building connections. As more companies make the decision to maintain remote operations, Heka enables HR Managers to offer a wellbeing program that includes a compelling blend of virtual experiences and physical locations. This allows mental and physical wellbeing activities to be delivered effectively to employees whether they are fully remote, hybrid, or office-based.

“The lockdown gave us all time to reflect and Heka was born in the midst of the crisis. We realised that our mission was to inspire and equip people no matter where they are based to be balanced and happy, and give them a reason to smile every day”, commented Stephanie Newport-Booth, Co-Founder and COO – “The name Heka comes from the Ancient Egyptians. To them, ‘Heka’ inspired humans to activate the power of their soul. Their life-force. Their magic.”

Recognising the challenges that all businesses are currently facing with social distancing and remote working, Heka is offering 2 months of unlimited free wellness experiences for the first 100 companies who register their team.

“Employee needs and expectations have shifted and we think it is time for something special. Our reality has changed and so have we. Heka was created for HR Managers who truly want to inspire their people and help them tick buckets lists, not boxes. This contrasts with the majority of benefit alternatives which simply serve to tick the wellness box”, said Co-Founder and CEO, Alex Hind.

“Most people don’t know how radically we’ve transformed the way we interact with our own team since the lockdown started. In fact, we’ve decided not to return to a traditional office after this, and we want to ensure that our people have the support they need regardless of whether they are working from Ecuador or the Alps.”

Backed by Leading VC and Industry Angels

The company recently completed its pre-seed funding round. Exceeding their target of £750,000, and successfully raising £1 million within two months of starting their raise. The round was led by Playfair Capital with participants including experienced Angels, ex-professional athletes, mental health experts, as well as the founders of Thomson’s Online Benefits.

“Steph and Alex are a phenomenal founding team who live and breathe wellbeing. They passionately believe that offering tailored mental and physical experiences to employees is an essential part of having a motivated and engaged team. We fully agree and are delighted to have led their pre-seed round alongside a fantastic group of angel investors,” said Chris Smith, Managing Partner at Playfair Capital.

“The re-branding to Heka was planned before our investment, but we didn’t anticipate how much the world would change with Covid-19. The team have been amazing at building a proposition that works today in these most challenging of times as well as being future proof. Whether you are a remote team, hybrid team, or office team, Heka is the perfect solution.

Since closing the investment, the team has expanded from 8 to 18 and the company will be initiating a new round of hiring (the second one of 2020) later this year and will be adding Marketing, Customer Success, and Experienced Sales.