HiBob teams up with Perkbox to deliver an unrivalled employee engagement proposition for clients  


The transformative HR platform HiBob has signed a strategic partnership with Europe’s fastest growing employee experience platform, Perkbox, to deliver an unrivalled engagement and well-being proposition to its clients via its benefits solution.

HiBob is the HR platform built for fast-growing companies focused on hiring and keeping the very best people at a time when millennials increasingly dominate the UK workplace. As well as delivering core HR tasks with outstanding modern technology, HiBob provides unrivalled capabilities to engage a younger workforce increasingly demanding more from their employer.

Perkbox believes that happy and engaged employees perform better and stick around for longer. The company has created a platform catering for the whole employee experience that helps to build happier, more productive company cultures where employees feel genuinely well looked after and cared for in and outside of work.

Ronni Zehavi, CEO and co-founder of HiBob said: “We have been looking for a partner in the perks and experiences space for some time but we will only partner with a company that shares our culture and values, and our mission for transforming companies’ relationships with their people.

“We give our clients the power to put their employees at the centre of their business, understand them, and drive a culture which will boost retention of the very best people. Thanks to this integration with Perkbox we can now deliver experiences that will enrich not just clients’ team members’ work lives but their personal lives too, making them feel cared for and drive a sense of belonging. Together we are a powerful force for making HR fit for purpose for the 21st Century.”

Perkbox’s benefits platform, covers the full spectrum of employee wellbeing from the financial to the physical and the emotional. Users of the platform receive unlimited access to discounts and freebies from hundreds of big name brands across 17 different categories, from food and drink to travel, health and fitness and learning. The new partnership adds a new level of people-inspired resources to HiBob’s proposition.

Saurav Chopra, CEO and co-founder of Perkbox said: “This is our first major product integration and we’re delighted that it’s with HiBob. At Perkbox we’re strong advocates of organisational success and the quality, integrity and retention of employees are absolutely key to this. This means understanding those employees and what they want and need, and HiBob’s capabilities in this space are market leading. Now these are integrated with Perkbox’s ability to deliver outstanding employee experiences we have a unique way to build happy, productive company cultures.”

Integrating Perkbox will offer HiBob’s clients full access to the Perkbox benefits platform via Single Sign On (SSO), meaning users will be able to access it without having to log onto Perkbox directly, further enhancing the platform’s ease of use.

HiBob launched in 2015 with a mission to transform HR, moving from a task-based approach to one built on people engagement, with the company’s technology built to the high standard today’s millennial workforce expects. HiBob generates data-driven, actionable insights for company leaders, including unique views of a company’s employees that reveal who they are as people, including their wants and needs, demographic data, overall satisfaction and performance, as well as identifying emerging talent and the leaders of tomorrow.

Perkbox was also founded in 2015 and now ranks as the leading employee engagement provider for thousands of companies across the UK and Europe. Both companies have grown rapidly since their recent founding as today’s companies recognise the need for HR to adapt to fast-growing workplace trends. With more employees expecting better engagement and experiences from their employer just as average lengths of service fall, the overwhelming majority of both companies’ teams are themselves millennials.