Hired By Startups launches a fresh startup jobs platform

Hired By Startups recently launched a new Startup Jobs Platform. The service is completely free and helps better connect startup and candidate communities.

The new platform allows candidates to search for jobs in startups, apply directly to those startups and gives them all the information they’ll need up front.

Hired By Startups’ Tom Ladds said: “The problem with traditional job boards is they generally focus on quantity over quality. Job boards evaluate their success on how many applicants your role gets, rather than the quality of those applicants.

“That’s why our platform focuses on quality rather than quantity. I’d much rather a startup receive 5 excellent applicants on our platform, rather than 50 irrelevant ones.

“I wanted candidates to have a more informed application process. That’s why on our platform you’ll be able to see all the information upfront for each job and company you apply for. Job title, salary, equity offered, number of employees, funding stage, if they offer free food, if you can bring your dog to work, if there’s flexible working, how often they host company socials etc. All the information you really want to know before applying but often struggle to find.”

The new service gives startups ownership of the relationship with their candidates. The platform enables its startup and candidates to communicate directly, and requires no interaction from the Hired By Startups team.

Although Ladds admits the platform is a work in progress, he says it does the job it is meant to: “This is the first version of our startup jobs platform and we still need to work on the shift towards transparent salaries on all roles and the filtering functionality is limited but at its core the platform still serves its purpose – you’ll still find great jobs at many of the UK’s fastest growing startups, all in one place.”