Holly Health Launches the First Fully Personalised & Compassionate Digital Coach

The First All-in-One Mobile App for Health and Happiness Provides People with the Equivalent of their own Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Counsellor, for Just $10 a Month.


Holly Health is launching today as the first fully digital health coach providing highly accessible, personalised and sustainable behaviour change solutions for weight management, stress reduction and long-term health optimisation. The subscription-based Holly Health app, available for both iOS and Android, is an intelligent conversational app and proprietary AI recommendation system driven by science-backed decision processes and neuroscience, that helps people start and succeed in developing and maintaining the right healthy habits for them – from finding ways to address chronic stress to exercising, managing weight and rebuilding relationships with food.


Grace Gimson, co-founder and CEO of Holly Health, said:

“We’re a technology company, solving very human problems. While most existing tools focus on treating the symptoms of health problems, Holly Health’s core product takes a proactive, evidence-based approach to understanding and addressing the underlying cause of health issues by cultivating small behaviours that achieve gradual but lasting changes. We’re excited to bring the most human-like digital health coach to market – leveraging the power of AI via our proprietary Holly Health Habit Engine to provide an infinitely scalable framework for behaviour change that will make health optimisation accessible, affordable and achievable for millions of people around the world.


Grace Gimson and Claire Wu Holly Health
Grace Gimson and Claire Wu


80% of all heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, and 40% of cancers are preventable with lifestyle modifications (WHO, 2015). Founded by a team with PhDs in Neuroscience and Psychological Medicine, Holly Health was strategically designed to incorporate a number of therapeutic approaches and psychological theories that have shown the greatest efficacy for health behaviour change, and are scalable in a fully digital format. These include CBT, COM-B, MB-EAT, hinging, behavioural activation, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), self-determination theory and nudge theory.


How it works / The Holly Bird


  • Enables adaptive lifestyle behaviour change with the introduction of small, achievable daily habits, personalised to the individual and their progress
  • Psychologically supports the individual to reach their goals, via reflective exercises, mini-challenges and conversations, which are triggered by Holly Health’s intelligent recommender system
  • Increases health understanding and awareness via original educational content, exercises + materials, and through encouraging engagement with the wider Holly Health community
  • Utilises the proprietary Holly Habit Engine, a framework for behaviour change that makes use of rich data and AI for personalised coaching, as opposed to human coaches

Claire Wu, co-founder and CPO at Holly Health, said:

“The Holly app will provide all the tools and support an individual needs to be self-sufficient in their behaviour change journey. Recent studies have shown that introducing just 4 or 5 new healthy habits consistently has been proven to add between 7-10 additional disease-free years to a person’s life. Now, healthcare providers, insurers and employers are seeking the tools to enable positive and lasting habit changes for their populations. Holly Health is that tool. The early beta version of Holly Health has already supported people in over 20 countries to change their lifestyle, and we have our sights on global reach.


Focusing initially on tackling weight management and stress reduction, Holly Health will soon expand to help people develop healthy habits to address depression, eating disorders, cardiovascular conditions and type-2 diabetes. Currently available in the UK and US, Holly Health subscription plans start at £7/$10 per month.

For additional information or to sign up, please visit www.hollyhealth.io.