Student Platform Housemates Improves Instant Booking With Launch of New Features

Housemates the instant book student accommodation marketplace operating across 40 cities in the UK & Ireland have released two new features which they believe will not only help the business work with all PBSA and PRS providers but push the sector forward to adopt the instant book way of working.




The launch marks the entrance of new to market features called Payments+ and Housemates Tag.

Payments+ has been developed on top of the platform’s payment architecture to allow accommodation providers to use their own bank accounts in an easy plug and play way and manage refunds direct. The service is offered to accommodation providers without additional cost and is bundled into Housemates pay on success transaction-driven business model.



Comments from Lydia, CEO on Payments+ ‘We are gaining momentum across the UK with a range of accommodation providers but we want to continue to push the movement of the instant book further. We have identified that some accommodation providers and their shareholders aren’t against the concept of instant book but they just need to be able to handle payments themselves. The launch of Payments+ means any accommodation provider can work with Housemates in a way that works for them and their operations.’

Housemates Tag is the company’s way to tackle availability issues for those accommodation providers that don’t have the time, resource or compatible PMS system with Housemates but want to ensure their inventory is up to date on Housemates marketplace.

Comments from Lydia, CEO on Housemates Tag ‘Ensuring we avoid double selling beds and offer the best student first online experience is crucial to our success. We understand that accommodation providers are busy with the day to day operations and my business development and accounts team help operators update their availability. Reducing cost is something we remain focused on for all parties involved in the transaction. Housemates Tag allows us to capture real-time availability based on accommodation provider’s websites which then automatically updates the bed availability in Housemates Occupy as a result updating our marketplace inventory for students.’

General comments from Lydia, CEO: ‘We have spent the last two years working closely with a range of accommodation providers and this has been a great opportunity for us to gain insights. We are fixed on building a platform that provides a range of functionality, without the cost that traditional lead generation platforms and services.’

More information on the new features can be found here: