How rankingCoach is Leading the Future of Online Marketing for SMBs

Ranking Coach Team

rankingCoach is the international market leader with its online marketing solution for small businesses. rankingCoach enables small businesses, such as retailers, hairdressers, lawyers, agencies, to start with effective online marketing with a small budget and without great know-how to become successful online.

For too long, small business owners have been caught between the need for digital marketing and the inability to afford professional services. They lack the resources and experience to start digital marketing, which is key to their online success. That’s why we saw the need to innovate the way small businesses do marketing and to give them access to the most powerful aspect in today’s environment to compete with global top dogs: information on all relevant aspects around their brand online.

The first brand monitoring app for the SMBs market

Research into customer behaviour inspired rankingCoach to create the first brand monitoring app for the SMBs market. Offering these clients their first experience with digital marketing with a continuous, automated Facebook-like stream of highly-relevant online events affecting them and their competitors. This includes reviews being posted on online directories, social media activity, Google Ads with targeted keywords, and keywords rankings in Google search results. This constant relevant feedback is highly appealing to the user and is proven to create long-term engagement with the product.

The brand monitoring app called marketingRadar, was first launched with STRATO – one of Europe’s leading web hosting companies. Seeing the huge potential that marketingRadar brings to the table for their customers, currently, 8 other resellers/partners have decided to launch it as their base digital marketing product to support SMBs around the world.

In 2021, we adapted the marketingRadar technology for our end-customers – small local businesses and launched it as rankingCoach FREE in all the markets we currently serve. The first-in-market free monitoring app gives clients full control over their online reputation. It bundles all online activities of competitors, own mentions in social media, keyword rankings, and company ratings in one real-time feed.

The Mission of rankingCoach

Delivering tailored and affordable SaaS solutions for micro, local and small businesses was our mission before the pandemic and has now become more important than ever before. Thousands of businesses are in need to be found on Google, to manage their online reviews and to understand the impact of local marketing on their business. The main problem has always been their lack of resources, budget, and knowledge in the digital marketing area. With our innovation, rankingCoach FREE, and for resellers marketingRadar, we are empowering them to monitor, understand and protect their brand online, pointing out the areas they need to work on to improve their visibility for free.

rankingCoach FREE & marketingRadar Advantages

  • Improve SMB’s brand visibility online
  • Analyse SMB’s websites for their SEO optimization
  • Let SMBs see how their most relevant keywords perform against their competitors
  • Keep SMBs notified and informed when people review their website
  • Give them full control of their Google My Business account: claim, connect, and maintain it easily
  • Protect SMB’s brand by being notified when their website is mentioned on Twitter, GMB, or any other relevant websites

rankingCoach FREE, as well as its reseller version marketingRadar, are the first-in-market free monitoring apps that give clients full control over their online reputation and lets them monitor their competition.

The future of online marketing for SMBs

The goal of rankingCoach is to make an important contribution to the success of small and local businesses, enabling them to compete against the big players by making all of the latest and most important aspects of digital marketing simple, effective, and affordable for them.

rankingCoach believes in the importance of knowledge as a determining factor for success and strives to collect and process massive amounts of data that gives small businesses the competitive advantage that they need to thrive.