How to Connect During Pandemic Pregnancies

Pregnancies at the best of times present a series of challenges for mothers-to-be. In this new era, we look to digital tools to help pregnant women connect with each other and find support.

Pandemic Pregnancies

Women going through pregnancies during a pandemic are experiencing more challenges than normal. With the discomfort of a mask, difficulties with on-site doctors appointments, and lack of in-person meet-ups, it can be very hard. Social networking app, Peanut, aims to virtually connect mothers-to-be whilst they are unable to physically meet. Their latest feature ‘Bump Buddies’ connects mums-to-be based on due date. As a result, women are connected throughout all stages of their pregnancies.

Volume of Userbase

Peanut’s usership, nearly 2 million women, has grown by 20% month-on-month during the pandemic. The latest feature comes from women setting their own due date groups on the app. Consequently, the app now automatically adds users to a group depending on how far along they are in their pregnancies. The feature will help foster new and supportive friendships, allowing mums-to-be to share the challenges and joys of their pregnancies.

Gap in the Market

The wide usership of the app highlights a clear gap in the market for pregnant women. Expectant mothers, classed as ‘vulnerable’ by the Chief Medical Officer, are turning to the app in replacement of cancelled in-person pregnancy meet-ups and socialising.

Everyday on Peanut, like-minded women connect to seek and share advice in a safe place, addressing topics ranging from fertility and miscarriage to motherhood and sex. Alongside Bump Buddies, women can also match with each other by interests, personality types, neighbourhoods, and more, as well as take part in community discussions and schedule meet-ups.

Loneliness of Pregnancy

Peanut’s founder and CEO Michelle Kennedy founded the app after she experienced first-hand how isolating pregnancies can be. Kennedy commented: “I was the first to have children in my friendship group and found it hard being the only one, and that’s without the pressures of a pandemic. Every stage of pregnancy and motherhood is so different, so being able to chat with women who are going through [their pregnancies] at the same time as you can feel like a lifesaver.

“Peanut’s core mission is to provide support, community and connection. Bump Buddies helps… facilitate more meaningful relationships throughout each stage of pregnancy even in the face of COVID-19.”