Incorporation Service For SMEs, Sleek, Launches In UK With £10 Million Investment

Sleek, a platform providing incorporation and accounting services for SMEs and entrepreneurs, has launched in the UK after a £10.4 million funding round.

This was Sleek’s Series A funding and was led by White Star Capital and Jungle Ventures. This brings the total amount raised by Sleek in its funding rounds to $24 million.

Sleek was founded in 2017 by Julien Labruyere and Adrien Barthel. It is a back-end operating system for start-ups and SMEs. It is a single platform that is used by businesses to manage all back office operations and seek expert advice from professionals in specific industries.

The platform streamlines, automates and integrates company set-up, financial and regulatory reporting, book-keeping and banking services.

They also recently launched ‘Sleek Business Account’ to simplify bank account opening for SMEs. The account details can also be viewed on the Sleek dashboard along with the other company metrics to streamline bank reconciliation for accounting and book-keeping purposes.

At the moment, Sleek manages over 5,000 companies and has processed over 1.4 million bookkeeping transactions in 2020. Sleek has offices across the world which now includes Australia and the UK.

Sleek has also announced the acquisition of Ltd Companies, a provider of incorporation management that has incorporated more than 450,000 companies in the UK since 2005.




Co-founder Julien Labruyere said “We are very excited to partner with White Star Capital and Jungle Ventures as we are expanding our services and entering two new markets – Australia and the United Kingdom,”

“This will allow us to grow faster and improve our product further in order to become the go-to digital platform for all entrepreneurs.”

Other co-founder Adrien Barthel also commented that “With the launch of Sleek Business Account, we have added a major brick in our product vision of building the Operating System for entrepreneurs.

“Gone are the days where you needed to navigate between your corporate secretary, accountant and banker – often sending documents hardcopies via courier. Now everyone can start a Singapore company and collect the first payments in a day, and from anywhere.”