Innovative Employee Platform Champions Independent UK Brands


A premium, membership only, employee benefits platform, celebrating life’s little luxuries has been launched by Mór and is leading the way in pioneering the next generation of independent UK businesses.

Working with only independent UK brands who put quality, personal service, and attention to detail above everything else, Mór is providing a platform of the most exciting, unique, and innovative experiences available to corporate members and customers at discounted prices.

Mór has curated the ultimate brand portfolio, focusing on, food and drink, outdoors and adventure, fashion and accessories, beauty and wellness, home, and gifting as well as culture and learning.

The team at Mór go above and beyond to hand-pick its products and experiences that they know corporate members and customers will adore. Once they find a brand they love, and who loves what Mór does, they work tirelessly to secure exclusive deals on the platform.

Mór’s, innovative approach to ensuring that their corporate membership offering is unlike any other in the market is the reason why the platform is the go-to site for the freshest and exclusive lifestyle content.

Craig Unsworth, co-CEO of Mór, believes that this approach is exactly what makes smaller and more agile employee benefits partner works best: “We believe our platform can help to create a community and a culture of positivity, that keeps each employee happy, healthy and motivated.

We feel the next generation of talent is looking for something different in their employee benefits. They want to take advantage of excellent deals while also ensuring the businesses they support are aligned with their own values.”

He added that: “We want to make corporate membership as accessible as possible for clients. The employee benefits sector is full of expensive options that are rarely used – we want to change this. We want to make it more than just a token gesture offered up by employers.

We may be competing against industry giants, but we passionately believe Mór is a reward scheme that can shake up the tired current benefits platforms. We are here to help businesses offer their people something unique.”