The Must-Attend Cybersecurity Event

The world of cybersecurity has grown increasingly complex. Since the pandemic and the transition to remote working, everything seems to be connected. This resulting digital age has led to significant improvements in operational efficiency, but it has also increased the attack surface open to cyber risk. From data breaches and ransomware to nation-state cyber threats, the risks are ever-present and always evolving. The only way to defend ourselves is to be forward-thinking, anticipating and resolving tomorrow’s challenges together.

The international market for cybersecurity demands meeting places where producers, consumers and regulators from every corner of the globe can come together to discuss industry trends. Collaboration needs to come hand in hand with expert-driven, open-minded debates about current and upcoming challenges to the industry. Driven by this demand, International Cyber Expo has emerged as a vital cybersecurity-focused event where business, innovation and education converge. Over two days, industry veterans, newcomers, technical experts, executives and investors are invited to address the issues of tomorrow’s interconnected world in the heart of London.


International Cyber Expo Logo


The Expo is endeavouring to be a hub of global and inclusive collaboration, focused on connecting cybersecurity vendors with decision-makers such as CISOs, CIOs, and Heads of Information Security from mid-large sized enterprises, government, critical national infrastructure, and public sector organisations. It is hailed as an event ‘for the community, by the community’, with CISO roundtables, and informative sessions by experts in the field, including immersive demonstrations of the latest cutting-edge technologies. Its agenda is shaped by a diverse and esteemed Advisory Council chaired by Professor Ciaran Martin CB (former CEO of the NCSC) and made up of credible and diverse government, industry and academic stakeholders.



The Expo offers an advantage to both end-users and cybersecurity vendors over competitors. Visitors of the event are offered the opportunity to network with the who’s who of the cybersecurity industry, educational experience to stay one step ahead in the fight to mitigate cyber threats, and the chance to be among the first to learn about the latest groundbreaking technologies and services. Exhibitors say they flock to the event for the chance to establish themselves as a future-thinking cybersecurity vendor in the eyes of end-users, to help shape the future of their industry, and to showcase their product portfolio. Brian Mitchell, the Lead Producer at CrisisCast, said that: “Presenting an immersive demonstration that brings to life the real-time battle between defender and attacker has been a great way to impress clients with how the software works.”

For individuals at both ends of the cybersecurity market, the event is hosting a meeting service, Connect+ Live, to connect qualified international buyers with sellers based on their buying needs. With over 100 Industry Leading Exhibitors and over 5000 cybersecurity buyers, the event offers an unparalleled occasion to find and optimise present and future business relationships. Catherine Craig, the Channel Manager at 3M said of last year’s event: “It’s been so helpful to be able to tap into a wide range of different markets and people all in one place. It’s been a great show and we’ve already signed up to return in 2022.”