Introducing Atlas – the world’s first AI-based food tracking app for your gut microbiome


Photo-based food tracking system combined with microbiome test results set to revolutionise preventative healthcare.

Most of us haven’t got a clue as to how many grams of fibre we’re taking in on a typical day. And guess what? We’re not even close to meeting the recommended daily intake of 30 grams, according to the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition UK1. As adults are only eating 18 grams of fibre per day on average, we need to find ways of increasing our intake.


The Atlas app is set to address this growing problem, and help to take the guesswork out of improving our gut health. The app aims to make it clear to consumers exactly how diversity in their diet influences their microbiome, and provide expert guidance on making small steps to change their eating and lifestyle habits.


The creative force behind the new Atlas app is Atlas Biomed, the UK-based personalised health company which is committed to furthering preventative healthcare by utilising evidence-based technologies.

Atlas Biomed are the only company in the UK to provide CE-marked DNA and Microbiome tests directly to consumers. Their home testing kits – the DNA Test and the Microbiome Test – provide ground-breaking insights into personal health, wellbeing and nutrition that are otherwise not readily accessible to consumers.

The synergy of AI technology and in-house algorithms designed by a team of experts including certified nutritionists, bioinformaticians and clinicians makes the Atlas food tracking system completely unique. It generates tailored meal scores for each user, which are integrated with their microbiome results, enabling them to observe how their diet affects their microbiome health and even certain disease risks.

The Atlas app, set to officially launch December 2019, will only work in conjunction with the Atlas Microbiome Test. After taking their Microbiome Test, each customer will receive a detailed report of their gut health. The app will then digest this information and provide personalised food recommendations based on their current diet and individual microbiome traits. Furthermore, the app will allow users to track their progress in the app with personal weekly food goals. By simply taking and uploading photos of meals, they will receive a daily and weekly gut health rating, as the app identifies the ingredients and assesses their nutrient content.


The technology used to recognise visuals of food is a combination of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks and Transformer model with attention layer – AI-driven computer vision solution.

Atlas Biomed CEO Sergey Musienko says: “Good personal health starts with prevention and by creating this new, ultra-personalised technology we can empower our customers with knowledge.

“At present there is no technology that can evaluate an individual’s gut microbiome health. With the app we can clearly demonstrate to consumers what food choices they are making and teach them how to change their diet step by step.


“As opposed to other food tracking apps which focus on calorie counting, Atlas will provide unique data created using every user’s individual microbiome results alongside recommendations based on the latest scientific research and nutritional guidelines.

“With increasing levels of diseases such as obesity and diabetes, knowing your body inside out has never been more important. Consumers can take control of their wellbeing, be clear on potential risks and be truly proactive when it comes to healthcare.”

The Atlas app will be available for free to customers worldwide who have taken the Atlas Microbiome Test. It will require iOS 10.0 or later, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

A beta version of the app will be available to media attending Web Summit in Lisbon, November 2019.